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  1. ziablo

    ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    Awesome, thanks. I'll try him on AIM. I'm glad I checked back to this thread. I almost bought another copy on Amazon.
  2. ziablo

    ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    Got my termination email today...so where should I go for a cd key now? :-P (Thanks for all your continued work btw)
  3. ziablo

    ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    Looks like it works now. It really wasn't working when I posted up last. Thanks.
  4. ziablo

    ValiantChaos' Maphack (Cracked)

    No go on the link....?
  5. ziablo

    SCII - Cease and Desist

    This looks like one of those BS letters you get from the ISP when you download a bugged torrent. They ask you to give up all the financials and proof that you did harm to their product so that they can PROSECUTE YOU. Otherwise they don't have proof of anything or even know who you are. They ask you to take blame for it, and I hope that no one did that. I haven't checked the court cases they mentioned but they really seem to be hung up on the for-profit aspect. As far as I know, hacks such as Freedom Hack were completely free and didn't even offer a for-pay version?
  6. ziablo

    Minerall hack Zerg

    I tested this out a while ago. It's a good amount of work to try and understand how it works, but it does work.
  7. ziablo

    Blizzard Kills StarCraft II LAN Support

    complete weaksauce!
  8. ziablo

    Help me choose!

    i choose 2 for size, simplicity, and sc font!
  9. ziablo

    Need 3 or more cdkeys

    I don't know if these will do anything for you. I just have this file downloaded from a whlie ago (Plutomics Muted Keys) 2869012321007 4609133383823 3209270137139 2169002751835 4409633983420 3409040337332 2369582511533 2169192351053 3609530417632
  10. I really have no idea why they just now all of a sudden are working so hard to prevent hacks.
  11. ziablo

    My gfxs

    Very cool, wish I had half that talent. NM, I'll take 1/4 even!
  12. ziablo


    This movie is pretty awesome. I enjoyed it in the theaters so much , I went and downloaded it. Great quality. Humor for all types.
  13. ziablo

    The Fast And The Furious : Tokyo Drift

    The movie was actually very decent. I was also very drunk. And I'm surprised the theater I went to had no ricers and amazing security and a plethora of parking!
  14. ziablo

    Hey Everyone

    Just joined as well. Man this text is killin me though. The contrast is brutal. I'll adjust quickly though, I'm sure. lol zoom text
  15. ziablo

    Here Is A Thought?!?!?!

    I dunno...usually everything in crazy people's heads is what's false...and that's why they're crazy haha