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  1. tyler

    Net Neutrality, and the war of piracy

    Comcast has already set a 250gb/month bandwidth usage limit. Granted you'd be crazy to download that in a month, the fact is, the amount is only gonna get smaller, and the amount of content on the internet isn't.
  2. tyler

    Like it, Hate it, Haven't Tried it!

    like it crepes
  3. tyler

    This Or That?

    paper. sharks or dolphins?
  4. tyler

    This is annoying

    my head hurts.
  5. tyler

    i'm a WORKer now! :D

    grats to you
  6. tyler

    Discussion on Music Piracy.

    I find myself very undecided on this issue. On one side, I feel music isn't something we should have to pay for song for song or even album by album. I agree with the arguement stating there should be a download site that is supported by ads, since we all know it can be done with certain other sites. (See: myspace, yahoo/google/hotmail, megaupload, etc.) Ads have proven time and time again that websites can be supported or even profit from ads alone. However, stating that internet piracy has deprived artist is a completely different issue, since most artists don't suffer from it, in fact, I think it may be beneficial to some, as it spreads, giving the artist a potential fan.
  7. tyler


    ^^ thanks might come in handy :)
  8. tyler

    Need A Program That

    Not exactly sure how but I know shit on youtube is lowwwwwww qual . I'm pretty sure its done by windows movie maker and downsizing the qual.
  9. tyler

    Whatja Get 4 Christmas?

    like 400$ and some clothes thinking about getting a wii or xbox 360
  10. tyler

    hi im tyler

    AWW MANNN!!!
  11. tyler

    Game too old.

    lolz.. BANZOR.. lol but i cancur
  12. tyler

    Starcraft 2?

    ive had starcraft ghost on reserve for like 108765 years.. i wish they'd release it already
  13. tyler

    What Is Your Favorite Starcraft Race?

    i like teh terran because the badass :)
  14. tyler

    hi im tyler

    just saying hi, im new so sup :)
  15. tyler

    [1.13f] Jay'dei (Name spoofer)

    looks very nice :cookie?: