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  1. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  2. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Starcraft 2 beta accounts selling!

    im guessing its FROWNED upon but really theres no way to stop it
  3. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    sweet rts game

    hey register for this its pretty fun u dun have to play but please register http://frylockxxx.evony.com/
  4. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Starcraft II Hacks...

    i believe there are going to be sooooooo many many hacks mineral hacks up the ass update after update then hundreds of people fleeing to bnet wtf my cd key banned that remins me vip were gonna need a nice cdkey gen for sc 2
  5. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Info about Char

    sounds like a nice vacation spot
  6. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Cows in Starcraft II?

    i believe there is no cow level diablo 3 realeased a cow level poster at blizz con my friend has one
  7. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    SC2: Battle Reports

  8. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Battle.net 2.0?

    there not removing ne games those will all remain same well wwith less band width as for sc2 and d3 they will run off the new bnet that is one of the main reasons sc2 is takin so long
  9. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    [Movie Review] WANTED - 5/5

    i believe they had an awesome idea and did a half assed job
  10. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Max Payne

    from makers of sin citty equals prob pretty bad
  11. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    List your biggest accomplishments of 08'

    i got fired from my old shitty job
  12. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Limited Time Offer, Lifetime VIP Sale.

    so i gotta wait a few hours awwwwwww im actully 1 of first members ive always wondered what was in there... guess i gotta wait
  13. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    Limited Time Offer, Lifetime VIP Sale.

    Just wondering how long it takes to get my vip status do i need to send my confirmation email or what not cause i use a credit union please answer
  14. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    problem lol i can't load hacks

    lol ive tried ingame in lobby and in channel
  15. Arc-Lix_Tetrax

    problem lol i can't load hacks

    ok heres my config file loli think it has to do with my sc folder but who knows ive dled from gc bw cc all thoise sites