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  1. hi

    Looking up Forumsector just carious what they been up :P
  2. hi

    Didnt know i had account here but just say hi :)
  3. **** BWHACKS!!!!!!!!

    or do what most have done, try learn by yourself how to make a maphack ;)
  4. New Patch

    Hmm still looks like they havent fixed stacking zerg glich :P
  5. :D my drawwwing :D

    Viper wins
  6. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    im lestioning to something that this web site has on the radio called Distrexx Megahertz (Dee Tee Remix)
  7. Screen Names

    I thought of my name back when duke3d came out and never changed since, It was 1st used in yahoo and mscomic
  8. MoDs

    lol mods r fun but whats so great about them?
  9. Starcraft Names

    <--- b.net names r on the side
  10. Whats up

    Hi and welcome
  11. My Battle.net Name

    Lol maybe u should charge for it
  12. Intro Dukenukem155

    Lol its little late 2 introduce my self, but here it is Name- dukenukem SN's- dukenukem155, Linuxos, cf-dukenukem155, prenewbee, fart-master Description- Done with school and saving 4 higher education, Love doing Grafix's, animation, gaming, doing alcohal. I've played sc for a year and own a small clan (i hope it will grow). Im not much of a hacker fan but i do use time 2 time 2 get back at ppl. Location-US, NY Buffalo OS-Windows Xp Professsional, SuSE Linux 10.0 Games I have-Need 4 Speed games, Command And Conquer Games, War3, D2, SC, Unreal Turnament, Dune games and lots more Clan-op cfclan I hope i can find some friends on this site :cookie?: