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  1. DeLuca

    Election '08

    I don't see how anyone can vote for mccain. Honestly he just wants to continue what Bush has already FUBAR'd. Our country has lost more money (percent wise) than it did in the 1920's depression. about a million americans have lost their home's because this moron is in office and couldn't run a 3rd grade class, let alone a country. He turned the surplus which Clinton gained, into a 10 trillion dollar debt. McCain will just do the same. People are racist, so they won't vote for Obama. McCain has Sarah Palin, which won over 50% of America's married women. All of these are opinions.
  2. DeLuca

    S O T W # 11

    I say Z, he always has cool sigs. though this one's a bit big, still cool.
  3. DeLuca

    [Question] SC into BW?

    Definitely do what nine5one said to do, or do this... http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml...mp;pageNumber=1 When you download the installer that they have, and re-install starcraft it will install starcraft AND broodwar, AND it will automatically set you up with this style (The no-cd 'crack'). Hope this helps a bit, so yeah when the blizzard account login frees up, make an account, login, click on games, and give them your cd key, then dl it and re-install. Boom Done.
  4. DeLuca


    Stop bumping. How many times do I have to say it... http://www.Good-Tutorials.com Honestly man, take a look at background tutorials or whatever else you want. Learn from them all, take techniques from some tuts and apply them to others, learn explore press buttons. It is honestly that easy. Just explore, use your mind, be creative. Quick tip: To blend a render with a background start with the color from the render, like in my sig I used to color from Conker's helmet and BDU.
  5. DeLuca


    ******OMG GUYS BREAKING NEWS****** The Bee Dubya is down.... :D wtf?! [offtopic]555 posts HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?[/offtopic]
  6. DeLuca


    http://www.good-tutorials.com Look up i don't know... "Background Tutorial". Photoshop is all about exploration... mess with clouds, to into every option for effects. Just press all the buttons. I'm serious that's all you need to do. There is no "Delete my computer/internet now" button. lmao. Explore.
  7. DeLuca


    Not microsoft paint....But Adobe Photoshop. http://www.Adobe.com for more info. Look up photoshop, download the free program trial and to wild with it. http://good-tutorials.com/ for awesome tutorials you can do with it. Honestly the program is amazing and is only limited by how your mind works. Play with it, learn from it, mess with it. Do whatever you want. Press all the buttons you can :D.
  8. DeLuca

    Tight ass render.

    Definitely alright. Text is kind of lame... 6.5/10 No text (or your name): 7.5/10
  9. Happy Birthday! :D

  10. DeLuca

    Linux Issues

    Alright well, my friend gave me a shitty old desktop and it had windows but he reformatted it. It's a HP Pavilion 4440 desktop w/ 20gig hd. Idk what I have for ram or a processor X_x. I want to put Linux on it, i was thinking Xubuntu, or Slackware. But I can't seem to get them to work. I put the 20gb HD in the family comp now, then tried installing xubuntu, but it installed it on the family HD. Is there a way to change that? And slackware just does nothing X_x. I'm not looking for a live CD because they all just do nothing(for me, they just sit at the Xubuntu screen with the bar moving left to right), but (if there are any...) an installer. Any help would be appreciated. And I am retarded when it comes to linux :P
  11. DeLuca

    12 Year Old Sued For Downloading Music

    This whole situation is just fucked up...I have a p2p program that I barely use. My sisters use it everyday, and the fact someone can get sued over this... I think the USA should have the same law as they do in Canada. I use the songs for my personal use, mp3 player etc... (Yes it does rip off the people who made/produced the music, but let's take a look at albumbase.com...) 12yr old girl, now having her mother get sued. That's fucked.
  12. DeLuca

    Eating Babies

    Yeah be proud at how twisted your family is. That is nothing to be proud of. Nothing.
  13. DeLuca

    Eating Babies

    That is fucking morally wrong. I honestly think I'm going to throw up.. You fucking douche bag for putting this here
  14. DeLuca

    10,000 Post Contest

    Si | para | que | no |porque | las| hamborguesas |con | queso Yes | in order to | what |no| because| the| hamburgers | with | cheese
  15. DeLuca

    Help me with this offer, Please.

    Hey smashed, just wondering, do you offer the 16 gig iPod touch? And if it's possible to get more information on your site. I'de be more than happy to apply there. Because you mentioned only referring a couple people, this one I need to refer 8...