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  1. ///M


    Cant believe this place exists I was looking at some old emails to find some pictures of sluts i fucked years ago found an email from this place
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  3. ///M

    Merry Christmas Ghoztcraft!

    Thanks for giving my lil bro the nintendo sp and the wii he wanted, good job fat man. +rep for you for not fucking up this year
  4. ///M

    Mac Dre

    since 84 thats it fuck the rest. and listen to techno
  5. ///M

    Christmas Siggies '09

    Curious I am....
  6. ///M

    This is what America has come to

    by that you mean if most of them wouldnt have been true?
  7. ///M

    This is what America has come to

    Some are true, especially for me. Im conservative and I dont give two shits about poor people. I have my reasons as to why as well.
  8. ///M

    Comes forth the end of the world for me?

    You guys have some nice suggestions but.. its not as easy getting a job. I've worked for a multi million dollar company, and guess what Taco bell wont take me, I told the manage fuck you, half of your employees cant speak proper english and you wont hire me? Go enlist.
  9. ///M

    Gears of War: Into The Heavens

    Gears is the gayest game out there IMO, monsters and fake guns is gay for me. But it looks badass, would be better if it was a soldier with an m4 IMO
  10. ///M


    I hate the type of women you just played no respect for bitches, feminists they need to get bitch slapped and make us men a sammich
  11. ///M

    Decisions decisions....

    Place doesnt matter to much as long as you got the right people that know how to chill.
  12. ///M

    They're going to bomb the moon!

    Okay Stalin settle down there. And this is all news to me I never knew we brought democracy to the moon
  13. ///M

    Swine Flu Vaccine

    if i dont get it in 3-6 months then its military choice
  14. ///M

    How much can you take?

    ............. OMG I LIVED TO 32 SECONDS omfg at firsti was like w/e ill watch thsi fat bitch sing but now its like jesus christ