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  1. Heh, just got your message, and thank you.

    Jeez I haven't been on here in AGES!

    ( but you're still pretty )

  2. LoRdBrEn


    Lordbren i tink im usually on wow but can't hurt lol
  3. LoRdBrEn


    Lawl.. i r VIP Stillz!!!11 Chris... i love u brah.
  4. LoRdBrEn

    What Hacks Do You Want To Learn To Make?

    a hack that can record what actions you do during a game and be able to play them back based on when you have sufficient resources! :P
  5. LoRdBrEn

    Game Recorders

    Fraps :thumbsup:
  6. okay, thanks dude. This show seems really interesting :D

  7. Its Called Hellsing

  8. Its Called Hellsing

  9. LoRdBrEn

    Eternal Sound

    Word on another note LAwL i love your Hitler Dance lol
  10. Dude, your signature is awesome. What anime show is that again? As far as i can recall, its about vampires, but i don't know the title of the anime is.

  11. LoRdBrEn

    Installing Sc

    Around 100mb Starcraft + Broodwar (Megaupload) Download the 1.15.1 patch install it and your Bnet Ready
  12. LoRdBrEn

    Yay! Its My Birth Day

    Happy Birthday!!!! :D
  13. LoRdBrEn

    Zar's New Sig

    Awsome... I wish i had Photoshop skills like that lol
  14. LoRdBrEn

    Anyone Good At Making Logos?/signatures

    Kinda Like Mine :P? oh and Xthar whats up, been a While.
  15. LoRdBrEn

    Ghoztcraft December Updates!

    Only one thing i can say... SECKSY Gj Ghozt