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  1. Se7eNX

    Lol Hack

    File Name: Lol Hack File Submitter: Se7eNX File Submitted: 26 Sep 2009 File Category: 1.10 Author: No Information Aurhor URL: No Information Version: No Information Lol Hack Lol Hack Click here to download this file
  2. i just restored my 4 year old computer its brand new has nothing on it except internet explorer and the system programs and i want to keep it at the top of its game and make it any faster if possible and just do anything that will make my computer run better any ideas or programs
  3. Se7eNX


    i didnt know you could make any mineral hacks still...
  4. Se7eNX

    internet issues

    i have 6 computers in my house and they all share the same internet hosted from 1 desktop. All the laptops in the house connect to the internet except for my laptop, when i connect with my computer and click on my internet browser it says the following "Cannot connect to www.google.com because safari cant find the server www.google.com". I have tried connecting on the other laptops and no problem, on my laptop it says im connected to the router it looks like im connected fine with all my bars lit up green. Its just when i click on my internet browser it dosnt connect please help.
  5. Se7eNX

    Computer TuneUp

    Ive had my laptop for a good while for about 4 years and over time it has gotten slower and today im just going to spend the day working on it trying to make it run faster boost it anything that will make my computer better. any suggestions would be helpful thanks.
  6. Se7eNX

    Html Buttons

    In the proccess of making my site i was going to link my facebook and myspace and twitter and any other sites i wanted to my site via a button and i know how to make a button like <button>Click Here</Button> but i dont know how to make that button redirect to another website please help
  7. Se7eNX


    i have guild wars factions on my computer but it didnt seem all that fun its the same thing over and over
  8. Se7eNX


    haha ive played many many many mmorpgs and i get addicted but i can stop anytime i want *cough* i wish
  9. Se7eNX


    well i got like 40 mmorpgs dowloaded on my computer and im deleting some of them cuz i need to free some spae and im going to replace a couple with some good mmorpgs and i dont know of any drop dead fun games and i though this would be a good way to get some from other people opinions.
  10. Se7eNX


    is it free
  11. Se7eNX


    post any of your favorite mmorpg's here -2moons -9dragons -maplestory
  12. Se7eNX

    Talking Clients

    -teamspeak makes you lag in game(i might be wrong but ive heard this from many people) -can you have admins in teamspeak? -does the free teamspeak servers have static like free vents -how many connections can you have at one time on free teamspeak servers
  13. Se7eNX

    Talking Clients

    Ok, I have ran multiple clans and have had a talking server i normally use ventrillo but ive never payed ive always done the free 8-people ventrillo but on the free ventrillo it has a little static unlike other vent servers is there any way to fix this or any other talking server that is easy,free and good for clan use
  14. Se7eNX

    How much can you take?

    <---- master of the internet!!
  15. Se7eNX


    well, considering you said you would give me the file then didnt I never had a chance to..