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  1. TweaK-

    Color Sigs

    well ill post what i made from scratch and i just started graphic designing this is what i made from scratch for my friend http://s831.photobucket.com/albums/zz237/I...pg&newest=1 thats one and heres the other http://s831.photobucket.com/albums/zz237/I...pg&newest=1 tell me if they are bad/good whatever i just need some feedback or how to make better sigs all i did was pretty much add brushes and text thats it... nothing else so feedback please!
  2. TweaK-

    Color Sigs

    for exampe look at your sig you have alot of designs that blend in with a nice golden/orange color how do i make mine look that nice? and when you download the brushes from deviant art they have like perfect looking designs as the album covor how do i make mine look that good?
  3. TweaK-

    Color Sigs

    ok im trying to learn graphic designing so i can make my own signatures how do people make all the cool colors i use gimp and i got alot of brushes and stuff just how do people make all the stuff cool colored this is what i did for my friend http://s831.photobucket.com/albums/zz237/I...nt=Untitled.jpg and i need help on how to make cool colors help please. anything appreciated
  4. TweaK-

    Emblem/Avatar , Siggy

    Ok O other forums like bnetweb BnetCore and others im known as cripp so can anyone make me a avatar that is dark colors and techy like a computer and has the name cripp in spooky letters and for the sig the same thing thanks guys
  5. TweaK-

    wiki_ Ass Page

    This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: Ass Page
  6. TweaK-

    Graphic Request

    it is rukia haha :P but also can someone take the codecore banner the black one and make it say Ruthless Killerz in the same exact text and everything. just make it say Ruthless Killerz instead of codecore. please and thanks guys
  7. TweaK-

    Graphic Request

    Zar i am using that as my banner would you like credits to it on my site?
  8. TweaK-

    Graphic Request

    the size of the one ghoztman posted is perfect size because ill have a login section to the right of it. I Really appreciate you guys helping me.
  9. TweaK-

    Graphic Request

    wow that looks awesome i know i might be sounding picky but the forums i have are a dark black/grey color can you mess with it to make it blend in? if not thats alright.
  10. TweaK-

    Graphic Request

    hey id appreciate it if somebody could make a cool looking banner for my site its going to be called CodeCore.com i got the domain already and put coming soon i got someone working on the forum design i just need a good banner i dont have a pic or anything just id appreciate a microchip/computer based dark theme that has codecore written on it in fancy letters. along thoes lines thank you.
  11. TweaK-


    well it dosnt crash the whole server, though that would be cool it only crashes seperate channels inside the vent you could always crash all the channels but still i cant find anything on it
  12. TweaK-


    I Have heard about VeX6 the ventrilo flooder and stuff i have that but how do people make you error and make your vent crash i want to learn how to do that ive googled it for days and still cant find any results please help
  13. TweaK-

    Cd Drive

    Ok The Cd Drive is the problem im guessing because ive tried putting in many other cds into my Cd Drive and it always does the same thing it acts like it wants to start but it never follows through and actually does
  14. TweaK-

    Cd Drive

    yeah i did that but i just realized my webcam is really blurry for some reason...
  15. TweaK-

    Cd Drive

    My Cd Drive Is being stubborn I put my cd in and it starts to spin but in like 2 seconds it will click and then stop and it keeps trying to start but it never actually starts you never hear it spinning. it tries starting to spin like 3 or 4 times but never starts to actually and im trying to install a webcam but i cant without the cd spinning...