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  1. GhoztMan 

    Replay Meny Hack

  2. GhoztMan 

    Qazzy's SC2 Trainer

  3. GhoztMan 


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    StarCraft II Maphack

  5. GhoztMan 

    Zar's Arcaheology Pics 2013

    Holy cow, those are some gorgeous pictures. I'm so envious of you! I've only visited Alaska a couple times, both of which were for family vacations. What an absolutely beautiful state. Glad you're doing well Zar, thanks for the photos :)
  6. GhoztMan 


    Wow, that engine. So many cool games in alpha currently, can't wait for them to be fully developed. :)
  7. GhoztMan 

    Heart of the Swarm Campaign

    I think each expansion will have its own ladder in the same sense that StarCraft 1 and StarCraft: Brood War had separate multiplayer experiences. However the majority of people will probably be playing the most recent version, like with Brood War. Not sure about custom games, although I'm sure there will be workarounds.
  8. GhoztMan 

    I havent been here for a while

    Hey, you used to despise me I think, probably that flame war Speed mentioned. :) Welcome back dude
  9. GhoztMan 

    Weird problem with my computer...

    Might be some kind of driver related issue or a hardware conflict. Could you provide a recording of the sound?
  10. So whenever I boot up the laptop, it instantly blue screens. I disabled the "restart on crash" option and found out the blue screen error was "unmountable_boot_volume." According to a quick cursory google search, this happens when the OS is unable to boot properly due to a corrupt hard drive. Here are the things I've tried: startup repair, the laptop restarts and then stays at the blue Windows 7 login screen with only the mouse cursor visible reformatting with a Windows 7 installation disc, the installation always hangs at "Starting setup..." running a memtest, no errors found creating a system repair disc, repair stalls after I choose what language I want it to be in running the proprietary system restore program, the program gets stuck on "loading, please wait" running a chkdsk, no errors found starting up in every type of Safe Mode, always ends in blue screen I was able to boot with an Ubuntu disc and recover everything important but I can't actually boot it up with Windows without it blue screening instantly. I'm considering replacing the hard drive, but I might just buy a new laptop. If anyone has any advice, I'd be grateful. Thanks!
  11. GhoztMan