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  1. hi zynastor can u help my plz can u give my your hack thisisit immortal unit 3 and thisisit mienral hack zerg version 4.0.6 version mienral hack with drone unlimited plz im chercher this plz help my

  2. Zynastor

    Public Drop hack 1.16.1 - No D/C

    If you want to release a drophack at least create your own, surely you can do that with all the open source code floating around and reversing other known public drop hacks. Funny you say you don't care about starcraft but still offer to keep a drophack updated, people who truly don't care anymore would release what they got and move on. I think everything you have pretty much said in this thread is a load of bullshit and you just want attention and/or silly fame that will never come to you.
  3. Zynastor

    SC - Updated Warden

    Lol, I can tell you right now its nothing you have added. Warden mainly searches memory offset for the more malicious hacks such as maphack, null lag box timer and a few others. But changing your offsets around can help fix that anyways or you can create a patch in the warden module to fix it.
  4. Having a drophack can be handy at times if you don't abuse it, but we have seen what happened last and previous patches because they were made public to VIP, GOLD or w/e members then were widely leaked. I have no clue to why people want to keep release drophacks, my guess is to get them a little bit of silly fame and small amount of cash which they could earn more in a day if they had a job. You would think by now those able to create a drophack would keep it to themselves and a few trusted friends but they don't because they are stupid. I don't really play starcraft as it is but I still do care for the game. The reason why I released my drophack last patch is to stop people from trying to release them for profit and to show how much damage a good working drophack can do to starcraft. I am sure most people would rather drophacks stay private for this patch then having another repeat of last patch where you were dropped for winning or w/e stupid reason. This time round I am not gonna have no anti-drop for my drophack if it gets out of control, so those wanting to make drophacks public by providing them to GOLD or VIP members are surely going to ruin this patch also. If I have to include a drophack into Oblivion to help those stupid people from releasing them in the first place then I will do so.
  5. Zynastor


    Some lag spike hack, I think AgentGOD has something like that in his hack.
  6. Zynastor


    I didn't even know you had made a hack like this, but its been something I have wanted to make for a very long time but could never be bothered when the time came or forgot because I had other great idea's planned instead. But its a pretty simple hack to make anyways and it seems to be nice and useful.
  7. Zynastor

    Languages To Hack With

    No, ASM means Assembly and masm is just an assembler like fasm, nasm etc. It's also much easier to learn a high level programming language like C++ than a low level assembly language. Most people creating hacks for starcraft in masm still know very little about the language and are lucky that there has been a lot of open source code that seems to be messy and poorly coded anyways.
  8. Zynastor

    Languages To Hack With

    VB.NET should not be recommended for creating game hacks unless they are simple memory patch type hacks you are wanting to make, you will be very limited to what you can do thats why you would want to use an assembly language like masm or C++ with inline asm for creating more advance game hacks.
  9. Its Fantastic!!!(Nacho libre accent)

  10. Zynastor

    Zerg Mineral Hack

    This was released because some idiot made it VIP and then it was leaked and released.
  11. Zynastor

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    Not everything
  12. Zynastor


    Lol, he is taking credit for PizzaPans's module hider code. What a fucking noob, also that doesn't make hacks undetectable you retard. Do you have any idea what that bit of code is used for ProMasser? Also you are no coder, you're a little kid who has no clue what he is doing and steals code.
  13. Zynastor


    How does this make hacks undetected by blizzard or are you talking about warden? and what anti-hacks are you talking about, what hacks is it suppose to make undetectable? You provide barely no information on what it does or how it is suppose to work, seems fake to me and like you are trying to get people to use this for w/e reason.
  14. Zynastor

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.3

    Not anymore, I am back to finish of the new patch.