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  1. drayden

    View StarCraft game player IP addresses

    My ASM is a bit rusty, but I could probably manage...I just don't know how the b.net protocols work. Does this include IPs in channels as well? As far as I can tell, b.net channels works a lot like IRC channels and I see b.net channel bots that can IP ban addresses...therefore there must be a function to view channel IPs as well.
  2. drayden

    View StarCraft game player IP addresses

    Hmmm...I see this feature of listing users and their IP in certain StarCraft hacking programs...but I don't want to use these because I'll probably get detected as using a hack even when I'm not using any of the other features...if I could only get the source code for that particular section of the program then I could probably edit it to my liking
  3. drayden

    View StarCraft game player IP addresses

    The only problem is matching the IPs to a user which can be hard under certain circumstances and too much work. I have thousands of IPs connect to me (from different programs, etc.) so just a netstat won't work. I remember someone writing a program for me like 5-6 years ago but those times are long gone. Just wanting to figure this out again since I don't know how the battle.net protocols work
  4. I don't want to download any detectable hacks, but using Wireshark to filter packets is a bit hard, especially when you have a lot of established connections elsewhere besides a SC game. Is there a program that filters only StarCraft packets to view player IPs when you're in a game with them?