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  1. neon

    What do you think Ghoztcraft needs?

    I personally find that the general navigation around the site is kind of confusing... mainly the top bar. It would be nice if there was one tab for Downloads, Gallery, Army, but also things like personal stuff in the top menu, I've been finding it hard to navigate to preferences, etc. Other than that, it's great :thumbsup:
  2. File Name :: SoftyMap Author :: neon19 Category :: Maps Screenshot :: Description :: It's a map pic of my favorite teddy, Softy. You can edit it into something... View File
  3. neon


    I just found why... It's letting me but where i type is like 2 miles left of what it is! :)
  4. neon

    Have an idea...

    Thanx I'll look into it...
  5. neon


    It's not working... do I have to have a certain amount of posts to do it or something???
  6. neon

    Have an idea...

    I have an idea for a StarEdit program, but I don't know how to make them, so I ask someone else to read this. My idea was for it to enable the user to make their own units/buildings/upgrades, not just rename them... Plz, if u know how to make StarEdits and decide to make this, plz email me. Also, if you hav any more ideas to go along with this program plz post them.
  7. neon


    Thanx :hi2:
  8. neon


    How do I post downloads so people can get them, 'cause I have this really good map I"m making, and the beta version's almost done...
  9. neon


    By the way, how do you guys make the hacks??? :sorcerer:
  10. neon


    :rawr: Hi I'm Neon. I like making maps on starcraft, but most of the time the StarEdit is bad. That's why I came here. I'm also in search of friends to play with on Battle.net.
  11. neon

    Download Help

    I'm having trouble downloading the download files. I'm logged in and I look at the 'Download File' tab and it says I need to login to download it even though I'm logged in. So, I log in again and it brings me to Home instead of the download page. What am I supposed to do?