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  1. Matticus


    Just hit me up whenever you see me on and i'll come play.
  2. You're my wonderlawl.

  3. Matticus


    You all can add me. My gt is DoG Plasma v2. Just let me know who it is. And Speedskater, I have an amazing sniper. Hit me up and I will show you. Level 69 Hunter. :)
  4. Matticus

    I'm baaaaaack

    Nah. Very possible when you have psycho friends. It wasn't easy. Mainly used my phone a lot. Didn't really help too much lol. How's your site doing btw? Awww well I missed you too. :blush2: lol Good to see you again too. :tease: Working on that part. I'm happy since I have a comp and Xbox Live again.
  5. Matticus

    I'm baaaaaack

    After like six months, I finally get a computer. And now I'm back. Nuff said.
  6. matticus the grease monkey site

  7. Matticus

    Photoshoppin lyk a boss

    Just for enjoyment. It was just a cool idea he had.
  8. Matticus

    Your favorite foreign songs? :O

    lol i heard that song watching live starcraft 2 and some guy played it D:
  9. Matticus

    Photoshoppin lyk a boss

    Well I'm still grateful. He's gonna love it.
  10. Matticus

    Photoshoppin lyk a boss

    Wow you have no idea how much I love you. No homo.
  11. I'm a Taurus now apparently. Wtf I want my Gemini back.

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    2. ViperSRT3g


      Welcome to the idiot bandwagon -_-

    3. irishnwa


      It only changes for people born after 2009....

    4. Matticus


      LOL guys. And i think it applies to everyone. I didn't read about an age limit :D

  12. Matticus

    Once upon a time