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  1. Man that shits fucked up. I just saw 2 girls 1 cup. It's burned in my eyes.

  2. Super bored.

    1. Jimmyy


      alive still? was wondering if there was any update ever on another exploit to get "STACK" hack again.. It was one of the best hacks out there or build anywhere hack regardless of the terrain

  3. Sorry, I don't like to teach people. xO

    You'll probably have better luck with asking someone else like nano351 or someone from BWHacks. You'll have to track them down.

  4. Hmm, dunno. Could've been me.

  5. Yeah, mighta been me. What game was it?

  6. ... is whats happened to me. What about you?

  7. Yoo! Whatcha been up to? Where'd ya go? How ya been? Please, explain every important moment in your life that has happened in the previous month(s) that you have been away for. For me, I got in trouble for skipping too much school and they came to the conclusion that I was skipping too much because I was too good. So now I got bumped up a grade in most/some of my classes. ^^' And that

  8. Har Har Har! I just beat your only high score in Whack A Nazgal! Har Har Har!

  9. ZeroFrost, I will kill you and fuck the body.

  10. Uber 1337 Super Duper Comment Of Doom.

  11. Super comment.