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    WAIT! YOU!

    Whatever you do, do not post in http://www.Ghoztcraft.net/forums/topic/21671-you/ because if you do, your penis and/or boob will be chopped off! Beware!
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    NukeBlitz [Nuke Anywhere]

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    MapShit.dll Programmed by: Jiggie Ideas and offsets by: MA[Night] Starcraft 1.16.1 <<--------------------------->> MapShit.dll gives you the ability to change map propertys to your desire. It gives you the option of changing x and y axis as well as the tileset of the map. this is a host only hack, but fun regardless. Also includes lockdown bypass; skips the invalid version of starcraft screen when you log into bnet. <<--------------------------->> MapShit Commands: /x # - Set x axis of map /y # - Set y axis of map /xy # - Set x and y axis of map /ts # - Set tileset of map /map - Brings up map propertys such as the current x and y axis and the current tileset /tsi - Brings up List of tileset/terrain Numbers /xyi - Brings up valid/invalid map sizes /msh - Brings up command list for mapshit <<-------------------------->> Automatic Features: • Battlenet security lockdown bypass <<-------------------------->> Note: Invalid map sizes have the possibilty of crashing you, as well as changing terrain on maps with doodads/sprites. Use at your own risk. how not to desycn: switch map TS and x/y axis BEFORE anyone joins. how to desycn: switch when everyone has joined or switch in a non-host game. Tileset Numbers: 0 - Badlands 1 - Space Platform 2 - Installation 3 - Ash World 4 - Jungle World 5 - Desert World 6 - Ice World 7 - Twilight World Valid Map Sizes: 64, 96, 128, 256 Max size allowed is 255. Minimum size allowed is 0. <<-------------------------->> Credits: MA[Night] - Collecting offsets, ideas, and readme. Jiggie - Coding the hack <<--------------------------->> Updates: v1.0.0 • Release V1.0.1 • Updated /ts # to show the tileset instead of the tileset number • Updated /x, /y, and /xy to allow the number 256 • Added Commands: /msh - Shows list of commands. /tsi - Shows tilesets corrisponding numbers. /xyi - Shows Valid map sizes as well as invalids.
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    Good SNES games?

    Recommend me as many fun SNES games as you can. What's your favourite? Why? Second favourite? Why?
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    I havent been here for a while

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    Yes, I am that Awesome!

    I am now your fan.
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    Post in this thread or I'll cut your penis off. Don't have a penis? I'll cut one of your boobs off instead.
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    Drop Hack Protection

    Drop Hack Protection Version: 1.0.1 Author: hellinsect Category: 1.16.1 Screenshot: Description: This will protect you from all drop hacks, it will alert you when a drop hack is used. This will protect you from all drop hacks, it will alert you when a drop hack is used and will tell you who the attacker was! You can also respond to the attack by dropping the attacker yourself. To USE Load StarCraft. Click on the loader. Join an online game. Enjoy protection! COMMANDS "/dhp" This stands for "Drop Hack Protection". Use this command to turn the hack on and off. This is useful if you are experiencing lag during a game. Lag is dependent on your network connection and little can be done about it. "/sd" This stands for "Stop Drops". It will try to protect you from 99% of drop hack attempts. People might still drop you if you're lagging and the lag box comes up. "/bd" This stands for "Boosted Detection". Often you may want to identify the person responsible when a person is dropped from the game. Use this feature to boost your ability to detect other people being dropped from the game. "/cd" This stands for "Counter Drop". This will attempt to drop people who use drophacks. It is recommended that you use this feature to kick droppers out of the game before more people are dropped. "/da" This stands for "Drop Alert". It will tell you of detected drop hack activity in the game. If you get spammed with drops, simple disable the alert. CREDITS Developed by hellinsect Hellinsect - Programmed the lockdown and drophack provention system. Salvinger - Programmed the counter drop method. Nano351 - Programmed the color and chat fucntions. Jiggie - Finding the theory and doing research. Beta Testers - DUI_, Hein, CyanBlood, nigpig CONTACT www.battlehacks.com [email protected] Download The File Submitted by Jiggie, on Feb 19 2010, 09:32 PM
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    giev me money im pro u want service? i give service
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    Saw GC got a Terraria server so I join, wonder around, get attacked, try to cut a shroom to mend to my flesh wounds and.. get kicked. Learning from my mistake of not cutting shrooms, or anything for that matter, I lurk around.. And then get IP banned by a mod for no reason. What le fuck? Chill the anal meter down a bit, amigo.
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    Uh... Don't really remember. If I saw it I'd remember though. Mad Maxie or something.
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    Anyone actually play PS3?

    So, for the longest time I've had a PS3.. Well actually my sister stole/sold it for drug money, but I got a new one. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyway, long story short, I'm addicted to Black Ops but I don't fucking know anybody who has a PS3, so I can't fucking game with anybody. They all have XBL because they support terrorism. The only person I have on my list is fucking Dew. So you guys/gals/guys pretending to be gals with PS3 should add me or else you're killing a kitten. My account is "Jiggums" add me.
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    Shit the buttons are vanishing? Paranormal activity!!!! This be one fine hack Night-kun. Keep the map injector, it's harmless in this day and age. Uh, also a looooong time ago I made a native drop hack in artmoney.. Contact me later for those details mmkay night? You'll just have to hunt me down or something. Have your people call my people, shine a giant Jiggie symbol in the sky, phone the mayor, idk you'll figure it out.
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    Woman claims ownership of the Sun

    Bitches be crazy.
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    Suteki's fancy new avatar

    Okay. Me and TheRing, out of utter boredom decided to do something fun. Poor Suteki is the victim of a petty crime by 2 evil individuals. D: Plus, as an extra! We gave him his very own emoticons! Hooray! Suteki = (Lol, I call this one the sprinkler) Suteki2 = @Edit: Pinned this bad boy! (I request that you wait 24 hours before undoing all of mine and TheRing's hard work. <3 Admins/Suteki.)
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    Ghost App Is Now DONE!

    Stick with one project, and one name. Jesus. Though the loader looks good, and it being encrypted tickles my fancy even more. I want to try to crack the loader for sport, send me a copy. "" Oh, and an account. For free.
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    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    Oh yeah, I've had plenty of fun on Ghoztcraft when I hung around don't get me wrong. It could be because I've grown up some but I was just scrolling through a lot of the content of this site and it just disappointed me from how I used to love this place and now it's just... boring and full o' spam. Nuker, every forum I've ever seen has it's own little focus. Graphics and hacks were Ghoztcraft's old focus, and it was great. I don't see so much of either nowadays, though I saw a little bit of graphics and hacks (not as much there used to be, so I could be wrong... Point being, spam count > hack/graphics count.) Once more, probably because I've grown up some, I think this site needs to be more original. I've lurked the internet and have seen clones of this place. I'm not trying to argue though, I don't plan to even stick around. If you guys are fine with the site as it is just ignore me. I'm just posting some feedback on this site that I used to love.
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    I miss how Ghoztcraft used to be.

    The lack of hack developers on this site killed it, imo. Now it's just a site that leeches hacks posted on other sites, which is stupid. Ghoztcraft isn't even original anymore, there are a fuckload of sites that do exactly what this site does. That and all the spam. It seems that a lot of the "active members" just spam threads with useless statements that don't develop a topic at all. So yeah. Leech and spam. Ghoztcraft won't recover. Too bad so sad.
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    New Hack 1.1.0

  23. Jiggie

    what is your weirdiest lie ever told?

    I once convinced somebody I was a serial killer. I was pretty bored.
  24. I don't own SC2 but I have an exploit to warp in immortals with a warp gate. o.o Edit: Actually, I don't know if it still works.