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  1. i have 2 wc3 tft keys and one d2 exp for diablo keys
  2. Hey tweak! remember me? =p hit me up sometime.

    Nighthorde1337 = AIM

    or just message me on here.

  3. Celeez

    Wc3 key

    i want to ply wc3 RoC and TFT i have d2 reg and exp for trade
  4. Celeez


    is the purgehosting discontinuing the free package? i click free and hit order and then it just asks for coupon code
  5. Celeez


    you obviously didnt know me when i was here before ^.^ im lazy
  6. Celeez


    Index page. <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="10; URL=http://www.slowmotion.x10.mx/Site/"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="center.css" type="text/css" /> <div id="test"> <center>Loading Site<br> <font size="4">Loading Site</font><br> <img src="http://share.wiredtron.com/files/194/loading.gif" /> </div> </center> Center.css #test { position:absolute; width:430px; margin:-50px 0px 0px -230px; top: 50%; left: 50%; } Probably easier, efficient ways to do this, but it does the job. thanks man appreciate it works like a charm :)
  7. Celeez


    thanks i can use that idea but i was looking at XGhozt.com and i put the center tags on my loading screen but how would i make it in the middle of the screen like his is im sorry im not to great with this kind of thing
  8. Celeez


    Ok i have my site slowmotion.x10.mx/Site/ but i want it to when i type slowmotion.x10.mx it will come up with the index.html page like it does on its own but then i want it to show a page for like a couple seconds that says loading... and then redirects itself to the directory /Site/. Or when you type in slowmotion.x10.mx it will come up a logo and then under the logo 2 buttons forum and site and you can click either and whichever one you click will take you to site or forums ect. anyone got any advice?
  9. Celeez

    Web Logo

    yeah i just changed it and just take what i said as the beginning post and refer it to that design please.
  10. Celeez

    Web Logo

    Apparently someone deleted the page since he made this thread. Hmm Thats Strange it was up this morning ill check up on that sorry for the broken link im working on it now
  11. Celeez

    Web Logo

    No not the same size i know im not being very specific but id like it to be the size of the left "Main Menu" Title so it dosnt look out of proportion if anyone could attempt it id appreciate it
  12. Celeez


    Yeah that was me guys and thanks for the warm welcome back, I made a new account because i haven't been on in at least a year and didnt remember my info. Cripp i had the name xCripp on sc and then i saw you had cripp and i was like shit im gana look like a spawn of this guy.. but my aka was TweaK back then Thanks for the welcome back though guys.
  13. Celeez

    Web Logo

    Site:http://slowmotion.x10.mx/# i just want a banner that matches that color scheme that looks good and says SlowMotion and then under it says Slowing Down Life, like i have but better cuz i suck at it thanks..
  14. Celeez


    Hey all im new. i was on here before as TweaK or xCripp. Just died off of computers for a while but slowly getting back into them im a slow learning website designer as well as a computer specialist. Still in high school just wanted to say hey again don't know if anyone remembers me. but supp all