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  1. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    no, you will not be banned, you will just have to find a source that allows you to be able to update ur illegal version, everytime the terraria team(re-logic) come out with a new patch/update.
  2. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    thats alright thor, im still not promoted. lol. well have fun. cya broski! hopefully i run into some peeps on teh server! lol
  3. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    uhm....just sayin, theres some big problems with the map. some of the walls on hogwarts are missing and the glass is missing from the greenhouse aswell as some of the places throught hogwarts. building seems to be disabled all together, but theres still griefing, or something going on. thought id just let yall know.
  4. Orlyy


    L.M.A.O! hahaha i have skype as well, also xfire, which seems to be an unknown program by most of the terraria players..odd. i dont often use skype because it slows lags me, hence why i use xfire. Skype: jayyze84 Xfire: Hazy2494 Add Meh!
  5. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    agreed. im assuming that the change from hosting the server to having a provider host it may of caused to weird issues, such as the building issue i noticed. im sure in a couple of days everything will be properly set.
  6. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    no problem. just lookin out for my server(: btw, ive been on more recently so my promotion would be appreciated, as i have yet to rearrange my classroom as well as make sure my chest within hogwarts is protected since all my ingredients have been stolen for the 4th time -.- p.s. HI THOR! :D
  7. the server has building enabled, some griefing has happened already! you should come check it out before anything else happens!

  8. ghozt, the terraria server allows building and theres two holes in the hogwarts building. i think you should come check it out and try to change the permissions before anything else happens!

  9. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    uhhh guys...we have a problem...we can build stuff and destroy. theres two big holes in hogwarts in the right wing by the greenhouse steps and in thors classroom. i think you guys should check this out immediately!!!
  10. sigghh. work from 2 - 10. awesome.

    1. Gloopie


      Sounds like...............FUN!

    2. <3.


      Bet your happy!

    3. Ruler of War

      Ruler of War

      At least you have a job xD in this economy... its hard.

  11. Orlyy

    Input on House Points and class design

    mmmmindeed. thats sounds to me like a very good idea. Thor brings a point to the economy system, as it's true lol. things do indeed have a price.
  12. Orlyy

    Input on House Points and class design

    [email protected] I'm sure points will do. although in the movie on occasion, students would receive packages and neat stuff from relatives or friends so it's possible somehow people will receive some sort of item. All in all, I'm sure that winning the contest/activity (whatever it may be) will reward that house with points with which will maybe be worth something later on....well never know (: i love ideas.
  13. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    thank you ivrae(: i appreciate it very very much!
  14. ivrae, im banned from the server, can you unban me?

  15. Orlyy

    Terraria Server

    okay, i was just banned from a dude named Lord Biscut III, who i KNOW is a new "moderator." the fact that i was banned in a matter of seconds after rejoining from being kicked, so i can explain myself, i easly found it that making random people mods should be taking slightly more seriously. a good trust worthy and attentive moderator should find out first who or what is going on before actions are taken. in the event that its a griefer, that understandable(quick ban). but the fact that i was kicked for "hacking" then banned when i rejoined made me tick. to clear things up, im currently banned because of a "moderator" who should try alittle more figure things out before jumping the gun. ip: p.s. maybe we should make something clear with new mods.