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  1. Ska

    Empty server.

    Huh, seems like the old server is pretty well empty, actually there is no-one on. How many and who still gets on the server? I had a bit O' free time so I figured I'd check it out. haha
  2. Ska


    how can you be so happy ? Eh, it isn't a big deal it's down not very many of the admins got on anyway. Plus I wasn't really ever able to so it doesn't matter much to me I suppose.
  3. Ska


    Is this server even existent anymore? I can't connect sooo.
  4. Ska


    And here I was with the chance to get on and no server to connect to. ;)
  5. Ska

    Liquid grief

    I think I was one of the people who tried to ban you. rofl
  6. Ska


    Is the server down?
  7. Ska


    I shall but I need to get some uploaded first. ;P
  8. Ska


    Well my girlfriend just had her baby Monday and I rarely get a chance to get online sooo. heh
  9. Ska

    Pyro the demon. Disrespect-False reporti

    I guess the computer logged me out when I typed that or something of the sort. XP
  10. Ska

    Pedo Server

    There is a difference between making kinky jokes and making childish and immature sexual jokes that they don't quite understand yet (since he is probably like 11).
  11. Ska

    Pyro the demon. Disrespect-False reporti

    Who is pyro and who is making a buttfuck bajillion admins?
  12. Ska


    Aye, I'd like to be more active but frankly I have no way of getting on but I should be moving back to my duplex (lol) in October because that is when they will have completed fixing it.
  13. Ska

    Just wanted to say...

    Or you. ;)
  14. Ska

    Just wanted to say...

    Does it mattter? Hell.. I remember when i got my first girl preggers.. xDDD just kidding for people that couldnt realize that Lol no sex for you. :tease:
  15. Ska

    Just wanted to say...

    Yes, and I already made that statement. Yeah, my senior year.