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  1. Luna

    Check my mix out

    I like the mix. It has some nice songs in it and goes well together.
  2. Luna

    Zar is in Alaska!

    Thats awesome :D Have fun, I've always wanted to go to Alaska.
  3. Luna

    Borderlands 2

    I really loved the first Borderlands so I'm really excited about the second. Esspecally with the new colour pallet and areas; it just seems so new. I've already pre-ordered it, anyone else excited about it? :D
  4. Luna


    Haha thanks for your third dollar x3
  5. Luna

    Texture Pack

    For a second I didn't remember saying "Nice" and thought there was another Luna...
  6. Luna

    so guys what have you been playing?

    I've been playing a lot of New Vegas lately while waiting for Dawnguard on the PC. I've been doing some multiplayer on Minecraft and Gmod.
  7. Luna

    DJ Vipe

    Cool thanks, I've been using Reaper and putting different samples and loops in. I only really have on thing done.
  8. Luna

    DJ Vipe

    What do you use to make these? I've been trying stuff out for awhile. Your pretty good btw.
  9. Luna

    happy 14th..............

    Yeah... National French Day. I was aware :D
  10. Luna

    My absence.

    Oh my god I'm sorry D:
  11. Luna

    My absence.

    Odd since we say it every time we even see each other xD
  12. Luna

    My absence.

    It's an insult for trouts like toby, thats all.
  13. Luna

    Happy Fourth!

    lmao Everyone's Independence Day is to tell the British to make fun of the British. xD
  14. Luna

    My absence.

    Thats because trouts like toby can't think xD