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    Im a rapper, hotel build, and i like to drink the blood of griefers.

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  1. MCMo

    A Bit of help?

    I'm Just going for something Fast Paced. Pretty much anything Fast Paced that isn't an Earsore.
  2. MCMo

    A Bit of help?

    Aww Crap, Ill fix it right now. EDIT: Done.
  3. MCMo

    A Bit of help?

    Hello, MCMo with another Hobby once again. I've recently got Into production of some Instrumentals. I've shown about Nine people? 7/9 Enjoyed it. So Anyways, I thought i would ask for feedback here, because: A) You Guys actually know the meaning of Constructive Criticism. B) This is my #1 Place to go for Uncut, Possibly sarcastic, cruel, and hurtful but still helpful Criticism. So anyways, This is the Song. http://www.mediafire.com/?qx7g6ljy6dwjc1i
  4. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    Well, All Ska ever uses is GMod, and That's not 1.1/.1 updated as far as I know. Then again, I don't use GMod. Soooo... Seems SORTA Legit?
  5. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    Why did you stop??? BTW, I am in the airport right now. So tired!!!!! 'Zif you didn't :P
  6. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    .... ... ... WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT OF THIS?! because yr brain is usually closed on certain things sometimes and u dont want to look for alternate solutions for yr problems. Apart from the grammar, that was actually rather intellectual. Sorry, I'm just a bit of a grammar Nazi. Don't give me shit about my Caps in the middle of my sentences, I said A BIT.
  7. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    .... ... ... WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT OF THIS?!
  8. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    Easy in the open, yeah. But remember, We're building a huge tower. With confined space. with fucking wallhacking wyverns.
  9. MCMo

    Rebuilding Server Progression

    Oh. Shit. Fucking wyverns, About to screw My ass. BTW, In my Singleplayer world, I moved underground just because of them.
  10. MCMo

    Job Applications (Open)

    Anthony was Awesome, Very Trustworthy. *Sad that you guys no suggest him to get the password*
  11. MCMo

    Server Renewed

    OH! THAT WAS YOU! Wassup Homie? I remember you, Remember "Sir MCMo"?
  12. MCMo

    Terraria 1.1 Trailer

    @Anthoney, Your are probably one of the most Intelligent and calm people on the Terraria Boards. /Salute. Also, Having played 1.1 Quite alot, I believe that if you want ANYONE to hide the chamber of secrets, I gotta do it. I've Hidden a lot, As well as made pro lightswitches and Defenses. All in all, I'm PRETTY EPIC at wiring ;)
  13. MCMo

    I can haz Helps?

    I don't use them too Often, So i think I'll be Fine :P.
  14. MCMo

    I can haz Helps?

    Thats weird, I know I didn't use the recommended sizes, I did this when my Internet was down and I forgot the sizes. NEXT one I make will. However, I SPECIFICALLY calculated for rule of thirds, The Fleur-De-Lis's are in the Left and right, With Johnny Gat in the Middle. I LITERALLY had a Layer with the thing in PERFECT thirds, but I placed it on the bottom when i Flattened the image to make it into a .Png
  15. MCMo

    I can haz Helps?

    I had an Attempt at Johnny Gat, Following most of the Ideas given here that I could remember. JoshJayK Said: You should focus on just your photoshop first. Not using Photoshop Brah, This is Paint.net. I think I'm good on the Point of Text ATM, I made the text VERY Light, hard to notice. And yes, i'm planning to get some new fonts. Any Suggestions?