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  1. chicken64

    No CD hack?

    Yeah! You should try out Google. It helped me a lot.
  2. chicken64

    When will the mineral hack come in?

    I think it already came out, but only its in the private hacks.
  3. chicken64

    MapHack 1.14

    So how exactly does this... device work?
  4. chicken64

    [1.14] Oblivion.dll v1.0.3

    Put wut in my system folder? the .dll thing? Which folder in system32? I tried putting it in the main folder but it said that its missing it.
  5. chicken64

    [1.14] Oblivion.dll v1.0.3

    I tried downloading the msvcp71.dll from google, but it still said that its missing it. By the way Xthar, nice profile. Wins:11777 Lose:6 One more thing, how can i hack it i keep d/cing everytime i use it?
  6. The aniihilation x4 lite edition's loader failed to intiate properly. So what should i do?
  7. chicken64

    [1.14] Oblivion.dll v1.0.3

    Im sorry, but when i downloaded the oblivion.dll v1.0.3 and loaded the litrium, it said that it failed to initilize because of the missing dll msvcp71.dll. So what should i do?
  8. chicken64

    How often do you guys play Starcraft?

    i play everyday.
  9. chicken64

    Need a key please!

    Cant u just buy another cd for like 10 bucks?
  10. chicken64

    Why Do We All Play Starcraft?

    Starcraft is a strategical game that i like to play. :P