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  1. To indulge in my Lelo or not to indulge...?

  2. JorrieJhoi


    Yeah, it's been 4 years and some change, but they say patience rewards those who wait. :P
  3. I just had the chance to watch the trailer for the new Tomb Raider. I found it quite interesting and I'm looking forward to the game's release. I like the gritty look and intense story. It's a rather nice departure from what one is used to when the name "Lara Croft" is uttered. I'm curious to watch this naive, soft, frightened Lara turn into the hardened, fierce B.A.M.F. we all know. I really want to see more of this origin story. Although I do have to say I'm looking forward more to the story itself more than anything. The graphics look pretty good, but not fantastic. Albeit I have played games where the graphics weren't amazing and I still enjoyed it greatly. I'm thinking I may enjoy the new Tomb Raider. Anyone else have any thoughts/opinions? For those who haven't seen the trailer yet, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkBZ6kKeoTI
  4. I stumbled upon this blog post today by and got to reading it because a friend of mine actually introduced it to me and was heckling me to read it so she could get my opinion on it. I honestly thought it was interesting. I never really thought much of the subject myself, mostly just content with chugging along in the mortal and mundane ocean that is my female minority life. Race has never really been an issue for me (perhaps it has something to do with being Asian?) beyond the occasional "yellow" joke or Asian stereotype jokes, most of which I would whole-heartedly laugh at because it hardly blips on my "offenses" radar. So I was struck by surprise when the post stated that straight white men have a problem with the word "privileged". Apparently straight white men get their panties in a tight, twisty ,little knot when someone even mildly come close to claiming that they are "privileged". And so John Scalzi goes out of his way to explain to straight white men what the world really means when they say "privileged"...World or Warcraft style. Read on below! If you're interested in reading the comments or looking at the blog post yourself you can click here [whatever.scalzi.com].
  5. Probably not. I don't need another vice. :P I already have too many keeping me preoccupied.

  6. Lmao harrow ms jorrie. Does this mean you'll be playing with me on terreria :-}

  7. Hiiiiii, Panda Princesssss!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  8. Bunch of MIT researchers got together to "explore the relationship between yogurt consumption and obesity". Researchers found that the group of male mice that ate yogurt "projected their testes outward", which in turn allowed them to have a sort of "mouse swagger" (I wonder if they had moves like Jagger). These males also inseminated their partners faster and produced more offspring. While the female equivalent gave birth to larger litters and weaned their pups more successfully. All in all, YOGURT MAKES YOU A BIG OLE HONKIN' SEX MACHINE! So eat some yogurt and go get em, tiger! Pour on that manly machismo real thick! Read more about the study here [Huffington Post] or read the article that I stumbled upon, leading to this interesting revelation, here.
  9. JorrieJhoi

    some random shit

    Wow, you're totally going to be making so many friends in no time!!!! *dripping sarcasm*
  10. JorrieJhoi

    New Reads?

    A series known as "The Dresden Files" by Jim Butcher is really good. It's actually my current favorite. It's an urban/sci-fi/fantasy series, so it's kind of like old P.I. movies meets meets the supernatural meets the 21st century. "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams is always a classic. Or if you're looking for something a little more romantic there's "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman, yes it's an actual book and not just a movie. Maybe something more gorey? "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Although this read is a bit on the darker side. I found myself reading bits and pieces of it at a time because it started to bring my mood down after a while. Still a great read though. There's a series called "The Keys to the Kingdom" by Garth Nix that's really interesting. It's written for a bit of a lower level reader compared to the other books I've mentioned, but that doesn't detract from the very interesting plot/story. Garth Nix has a way of weaving details together to make a very rich scene form in your imagination. It's a good series for someone who has a lot of imagination. That's all I can think of for now. :P
  11. JorrieJhoi

    The moose have attacked

    Oh! Another pair of boobage! Welcome! Nice to have another uterus around. :D P.S. Can I fondle your bosoms? In a total non-lesbianic way. For pure science. *cough* Yes...science.
  12. JorrieJhoi


    Good bye cruel world!!! *pulls a browning buck mark 22 and proceeds to gun down XGhozt* Whoops! Did I hit the wrong person? :P
  13. In a great example of people being big ole idiots a dentist pulls out all of her ex's teeth in vengeance for breaking up with her just days before. See that? His "NEW" girlfriend left him and he lost his teeth because he dumped this dentist just days ago. He must of been fuckin' this bitch while he was with the dentist! No wonder why she pulled all his teeth out. Not to say I'm trying to defend the dentist because she's stupid too. She should've refused service and sent him packing or just done the job like she's supposed to. Heck, what kind of idiot seeks out his ex for help just days after burning her? Read more of this article here [yahoo].
  14. JorrieJhoi

    Hellooooo from the Great Beyond!

    Yes it is. I totally intend on staying for quite some time. :) Meeting new people is fun, especially on the internet because everybody's one form of whackjob or another. :D
  15. JorrieJhoi

    Crazy Kids Drinking Hand Sanitizer

    Somehow I fear that the human race is doomed. Kids are getting stupider and stupider as the years pass. Although one has to admit that they're imaginative little buggers. You can read more about it here [yahoo].