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  1. sorry if i hurt your feelings :(

    and i do wanna be like you :)

  2. vamsi

    so guys what have you been playing?

    spiral knights on the pc
  3. vamsi

    NEW POLICY - Damage hacks not permitted.

    yea people keep killing me in pvp while using hacked weapons but this is a good rule :thumbsup:
  4. vamsi

    GC Admin vouches

    of course u would demon :thumbsup:
  5. happy birthday

  6. vamsi

    happy birthday

  7. happy birthday

  8. vamsi

    Recommendation for Darkest

    ur right timmy here have a cookie for awesomeness :D :cookie?:
  9. vamsi

    GC Admin vouches

    i'd vouch :thumbsup:
  10. vamsi

    Terraria Hot Keys

    dont go off topic peeps
  11. vamsi

    Recommendation for Darkest

    yes ska we have a lot of admins
  12. happy birthday

  13. happy birthday :D

  14. happy birthday

  15. vamsi

    My absence.

    your damn right aloani
  16. vamsi


    ok vipe i agree with you and also lemme tell you a good news yesterday night i completed 25 of those and i went to bed when i woke up my friends told me that they were going to school to ask the teacher to give us less of those it worked out well and she agreed on giving 200 my partner completed 40 and i completed 60 :D so 10 more and im done with my work and also she decreased the time to 15 days (thats more than enough for me) so activeness time :D :D im happy as hell i cant even describe
  17. hi peeps its me again and today its no annoying complain about terraria no random spamming just telling u guys i wont be much active i got a project with my friend to code 500 html programs in 2 months of time and i would like to say im NOT kidding u people on this one how do i came to know about it? (im telling this because i told slimes that i have a holiday tomorrow) everyone got a message from our computers teacher on their mobiles i requested her to give me this project with my friend so we decided 250 each so i wont be able to be active much i'll try midnights before sleeping but it will be rare see you guys
  18. happy french national day peeps
  19. vamsi


    <HTML> <HEAD> project <TITLE> project program 1 </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="AQUAMARINE"> <FONT SIZE="10"> <FONT COLOR="RED"> <P> these are some of the html font styles </P> <P> THIS IS <B>BOLD</B> </P> <P> THIS IS <I>ITALICS</I> </P> <P> THIS IS <U>UNDERLINED</U> </P> <P> THIS IS <SUB>SUBSCRIPT</SUB> AND <SUP>SUPERSCRIPT</SUP> </P> </BODY> </HTML> done with one
  20. vamsi


    well make a lot of webpages fit it into a pen drive and u will get grades according to how well u decorated them
  21. happy birthday

  22. happy birthday

  23. happy birthday

  24. happy birthday