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  1. Terraria is probably devoid of players from Ghoztcraft by now , but I still believe that maybe the game will make a comeback.

    The 1.3 update is so much more fun to play when compared to And the added events just add even more to it. So, even though this request might not be considered, can we bring the Ghoztcraft Terraria server back to it's original glory?

  2. I wish we could go back to the old hogwarts days on terraria but i think majority of the people would just prefer to restart the server with a new world. The current one is kinda beat up.


    Unfortunately, that map is lost forever. :(/>


    I don't have time to build it again, and the original authors don't play Terraria anymore.

    Well, that's a shame. I guess we really can't have good things in life anymore. :rolleyes::suicide2:

  3. I wish we could go back to the old hogwarts days on terraria but i think majority of the people would just prefer to restart the server with a new world. The current one is kinda beat up.

  4. so these two guys called yorik100 and treyvon started spawning like 200 dungeon guardians and killing everyone(they weren't effected as they were using hacks )

    can someone ban them?

    i already gave em like a 100 warnings

  5. Wash yo face more?


    You may think you do it enough, but not enough for you skin type/oil output.

    that's what my mom told

    washing my face once every half-an-hour :)


    i have so many zits on my face people call me mczitsalot

    anyone have any remedies?

    ABSOLUTELY stay AWAY from ACCUTANE or anything with Isotretinoin for that matter. That shit has soooo many side effects its just fking retarded. I know 3 people that took that shit and it completely made them different people. It fucks with your mind on a psychological level and messes with your hormones, if you take that shit you WILL become a complete douchebag. ( but it works quite well)


    I would recommend Benzoyl Peroxide, you can buy a 5% over the counter and give it a shot. It does not prevent zits but it helps you recover from them MUCH faster. If the 5% isn't doing it for you see if you can find a place that sells 10% over the counter or get a prescription (should be easy). But even this stuff isn't all that great, it will dry up your skin around the area you applied it to but thats short term.


    To prevent the acne you need to find out why, for you I think its puberty and you cant do much about it. But still try to find out what foods trigger the zits to begin with, for me it was pistachios and peanuts and walnuts. If I had some of those I would get a zit within the hour and I stayed away and it was better. I also read on a website this:



    1) Vitamin A is often used as an important anti-acne nutrient. High doses (25,000 IU a day) of vitamin A are often recommended for short periods of time (no longer than a month at a time) until acne begins to improve. If treatment continues, the dose may be titrated down to 10,000 IU a day. This is definitely not a treatment for women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, since vitamin A can have toxic effects to the fetus.



    2) Zinc is a mineral that may help by reducing inflammation and supporting wound healing and overall immunity. One hundred milligrams daily for several months is not an unusual recommended dose. Essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil, borage oil or evening primrose oil are often combined with zinc to help prevent clogged pores; however, for some patients with acne, fats can trigger an aggravation of symptoms.



    3) Antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium are important for protecting the skin from free-radical (oxidative) damage. Supplementing with 600 I.U. vitamin E, 3 grams vitamin C (in divided doses) and 200 micrograms (mcg) selenium daily may also help normalize glutathione peroxidase, which is often decreased in males with acne.


    4) Vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B6, can help with premenstrual acne. The botanical medicines chaste tree berry (Vitex agnus castus) and Dong quai are also commonly used premenstrually to help prevent premenstrual acne flare-ups.


    5) The herbs black walnut, burdock, Oregon grape root and wild indigo may be considered for acne. It is important to talk to an experienced herbalist or physician familiar with dosing herbs prior to taking these herbs. Astringent herbs like chamomile and witch hazel may also be applied topically to clean skin. Chamomile tea bags, for example, may be soaked and then gently applied to the skin, or the tea itself may be applied using a cotton ball.

    I've actually tried the # 2 and that is very helpful for me today, as I still get zits if I eat certain foods but that one helps me balance w.e is causing it and I can eat the foods I like and stay away from the zits


    But in the end man the truth is the zits will go away naturally and you will pretty much not get any after age 18 or so (every one is different) but for me it was 17 when I stopped completely and havent had a serious zit since then, and I'm 23 now.

    i think i'll probably go get that benzoyl thingy

    it must work if you recommend it