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  1. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Your Favorite Song When You Were 14

    I rather enjoy a good classical tune, cheers me up. And music boxes, something about them, makes me feel odd. Have a listen if you will:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNm6YvTdFRg
  2. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Aw. Still mod.

    I can't log into my mod position anymore actually, quite saddening.
  3. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Empty server.

    Here I cometh~
  4. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Admin Application for Terraria Server.

    Damn it's sad to get on all by myself and, trot through the many greifed lands, over bearing I'd even say. I wish we could start it back up but... I fear it's far too late.
  5. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Heart of the Swarm Campaign

    Reminds me of Warhammer Space marine, great visuals, yet quite simple gameplay, I only play it for the competitive online now a'days.
  6. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Heart of the Swarm Campaign

    Silly space marines. Back in my day..... :paladin:
  7. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    I havent been here for a while

    Off with his head for being ignorant of thine!
  8. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    The wheatiest' of thins.

    Indeed they are the best flavor, why in fact, I eat entire boxes a day. At this rate I fear wheat thin lovers will develop weight problems and health complications.
  9. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    The wheatiest' of thins.

    I hath tasted the flavor "Spicy Buffalo" and decided that all are to have an emergency box, within' your houses. Waste not your precious time snacking on the Doritos or Cheesy toes. But snack on a better food, bland for champions!
  10. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    I havent been here for a while

    I have the slightest feeling most of the users are preforming life task as of now good fellow. It's more populated during the summers. But tis' always nice to see and old member.
  11. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Starbound, Ideas

    http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/043/1/2/sir_anthoney_mech__by_jerryleemcmasters-d5urocw.jpg I hath already have your comments on my artwork, this is basically the concept of what he looks like in Starbound. The old castle on which he oathed his life on, his friends he once knew distant memories, his life only livable as a machine, adorning one of the many strongest materials, mined for it's value hollowed metal, his stuffed thick with support, and secondary systems , durable. Remnants of ancient magic adorn him. He sits, resting to stop the next intruder. Details: Warriors emblem-chest Archer's emblem-chest Breaker Blade-Left arm Hollowed armor-body memorable names-carved onto breaker blade. Share your thoughts, if anyone is still here to do so. And sorry if the picture doesn't show up, I'm quite rusty at this.
  12. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Time to get back in the game

    Pray tell a great game to get some community on would be indeed, Garry's Mod. Hath thee' heard of it, t'would be a great opportunity. Many players vast and wide gather on different so called-game modes, such as serious roleplay, trouble in terrorist town, and build servers, including many countless other silly mods. I'm quite sure a good handful if not most of us have the game.
  13. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Bruce Lee once roundhouse kicked Chuck Norris, breaking him in half. Enough Spoken!
  14. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    My artwork

    Actually that's good, because my friends say it's amazing constantly, and I needed real feedback. Your truth is more appreciated than a lie :thumbsup: And by the way, why does your lair have a trojan horse at the ready? I had slayed it with my anti virus program.
  15. Sir Anthoney Thazard

    My artwork

    Me in my former glory. Ready for battle. It's been quite a wile. If you wish to view my other pictures, go here http://jerryleemcmasters.deviantart.com/ *All pictures are hand drawn on paper, with a mechanical pencil*