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  1. or the job. Srry I didnt have enough words :P.

  2. I am a person who loves helping new people out and I can be very nice with new people and guide confused people out until they know.

    Strengths: ^^^^^^ (what I said there :P)

    Weaknesses: When I screw up I get out of control, but it never happens

    Reason I wanna be admin? I love being a great help!

    I have never been admin of mod

    I would literally jump for joy if I got ...

  3. This is your interview for Ghoztcraft.net’s terraria server. Please respond with the following.

    Tell us about yourself.

    What are your strengths?

    What are your weaknesses?

    Why do you want to be a mod/admin?

    Have you ever been a mod/admin anywhere before?

    If you could be like any mod/admin who would you be like and why?

    Why should we choose you over other candid...

  4. JCDJman

    Admin/Mod Positions [closed]

    Terraria username: JCDJman Admin I found out about this server by a list I always help others with problems and I am a very good "Police man" I don't think this server needs any improvements and will stay without any every day when I can [X] I like helping other players [X]I like repairing the server. [X]I like building. [X]I like socializing with other players. [ ]I like having the power to imprison people. Timmy [X]I like the other admin and want others to look at me the same way I look at them. [ ]I like to destroy things. [ ]I like doing whatever I want all the time. [X] I like giving advice and guiding other players. [ ]I like PvPing and creating games within Terraria. [Kind of...] [ ]I like traps and entrapping poor n00bz :thumbsup: ~JCDJman