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  1. HunterCasts

    1.3 Update

    I'd be pretty exited to join in. In some way, I really can't let go of this place. And 1.3 looks pretty rad as well ! :thumbsup:
  2. HunterCasts

    Hello my friends!

    Hello everyone! I have returned from the dead, or whatever is out there. (Please don't tell me it's life), I miss everyone! How's it going! :blush2: I would like to play with anyone I can get my hand's on! (Not Timmy's bunny, I hope he and his bunny can remember me! :kiss: ). I seriously can't believe I am writing a post, most likely it will be rendered useless, but I shall try to get in touch with everyone I can! I am no longer using my old account, I might get back to it though, we shall see. My current steam account is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/menacinghunter Hopefully, we could possibly get back to some terraria
  3. It's been a while.

    1. vamsi


      Yes, yes it has

    2. vamsi


      I mean since terraria was in full swing


    3. HunterCasts


      Wish it lived longer, I still wuv Terraria.


  4. Woah..Back on after a long time..

    1. HunterCasts


      Unfortunately, I've got a mac from now on.


    2. Brownie Man

      Brownie Man

      sell it and buy 2 equivalent or better spec pc's


    1. ViperSRT3g


      If you were VIP, you'd see the continuous conversations going on in the shoutbox. It's the main reason why hardly anyone posts in threads.

    2. Lost Prodigy
  6. HunterCasts

    Aw. Still mod.

    I've been a mod for over a year, and ive applied for admin and everyone was all in for me being one. But after problems and the server had "died" when it did not. I never got a chance to get my position. I'm really looking forward for it.
  7. HunterCasts

    problems in the server

    Wow servers alive?! :D
  8. BACK ON Ghoztcraft!

  9. BACK ON Ghoztcraft!

  10. BACK ON Ghoztcraft!

  11. I FIXED THE PROBLEM IN THE SONG!! :D Re- uploading

  12. the cloud thing wont work.. is it because its a .mmp file?

    i dont know how to convert it into an mp3 file

  13. Made a weebly site :3

    1. HunterCasts




  14. Well now I want to hear it.

  15. HunterCasts


    GuestRandom, Who banned him?