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  1. Hello....nice to meet you here, I am Miss Juliet, I wish we can move on to know each other send me an email at ([email protected]) if only only you care, for me to send to you my photos, and tell you more about myself .



  2. why do i have a warn status D: have i been bad?

    1. Timmy1


      Yeah you've been horrible, no terrifying.

    2. Timmy1


      Yeah you've been horrible, no terrifying.

    3. XGhozt
  3. MadMatt

    The moose have attacked

    oh sweet a new member on the site :) welcome im new too :P haha
  4. fuck can i edit that? lol glad*

  5. hey dude gald to see gc is still up :)

  6. MadMatt

    New 360 Controller/Joystick

    thats pretty cool wonder if you could play music with it to
  7. MadMatt

    Rate my sig.

    yea the cellphone makes it look like a ad :/
  8. MadMatt

    The Image Game

    Zar you made me Lol. im a give it a shot :P
  9. MadMatt

    Ghoztcraft - Four Years And Counting!

    Congrats! :bunny: i think im a start being active again :P but no promises
  10. MadMatt

    Hello *waves*

    ok so i dled cs like last night cuz y not :/ anyone know any good servers? and how to jon them when there not on the list thingy...
  11. MadMatt

    Starcraft Error!

    wow... u guys are slow.. i waited like 15 min yesterday b4 i gave up and downloaded it from blizzard and now for some reason all my maps are gone and i cant find my original sc folder fuckin pissed me off but ehh im over it im downloading maps again soo ehh ohh if anyone has mexican speed ling the one with the mexican music in the back ground pm a link :)
  12. MadMatt

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    hey cripp didnt u used to me admin or something?
  13. MadMatt

    Starcraft Error!

    i was reminiscing the other day so i decided to get my starcraft cd out and dust it off to play it... and i had to dl a new patch and all that junk and i saw i could play without the cd i almost creamed myself :P but it was short lived cuz i got this error < ^ > w/e the picture is :/
  14. MadMatt

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    oO well ill just have to come back when this thread is in 4900 :(
  15. MadMatt

    Dude wtf is wrong with 4chan people

    gloopie rofl luv the fat chick "must have been one hell of a strong rope" that and the fuckign girl next to the dog Lmao