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    Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    Wow... I haven’t been on here for many years. How’s everyone doing?
  2. 7

    Diablo 3 vs Starcraft 2

    I believe I would want Starcraft II more, however I guess I have not much to say as I never have played Diablo I. But on the bright side, they are both different kind of games and Starcraft II with its awesome new map editor will let you create a very feature rich map with endless possibilities so who would not want that?
  3. 7

    We're two years old!

    I remember the times when i pissed XGhozt off good times good times (did that really even happen? LOL)
  4. XGhozt

    Hey sexy.

  5. 7

    We're two years old!

    OH those good times, good times. I have been here for awhile (silently) lol
  6. 7

    Cord Cut Off Girls Feet At SixFlags

    Man... that is way too sad. This one ride changed her life by giving her severed legs. There should be a lawsuit because they don't even seem to care in that article.
  7. 7

    10,000 Post Contest

    007 is back XD......... AGAIN yes AGAIN when will the leecher ever leave XD
  8. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    i like to play with hot girls, they are fun (condom sold seperately)
  9. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    LOL I like pie, but everybody hates gays like some x guy lol
  10. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    Lol.... hey give me vip now and i settle you with 100 big sugary cookies?
  11. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    But i dunno about the "better joker" ok guys is your chance to vote on: Ghoztcraft's funniest flamers xD note: these ratings may and may not be true, but if your not going to be correct then I better start the new series after the one I made: Ghoztcraft's dumbest retards
  12. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    nah, that was just a one-timer had nothing else to say, anyway i already know xthar could flame me much better then i could flame him xD
  13. 7

    1000 Post Contest

    girls are awesome! :P no rejection on that one (points at xthar)