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  1. myg0t...come back

  2. myg0t

    Unlimited 48 hour trials for XBL

    Hopefully lol
  3. myg0t


    Like others have said, all it does is increase the priority on the starcraft process, when I toggled this on, I noticed my CPU Usage jumped up and when I toggled it off, it went back down
  4. myg0t

    Unlimited 48 hour trials for XBL

    Thats weird, all i do is put like [email protected] and then when i hit back, and ill delete or add a letter and go at it again lol. Try re-reading the steps, you might be doing something wrong
  5. myg0t

    Dude wtf is wrong with 4chan people

    The internet is serious business
  6. myg0t

    Unlimited 48 hour trials for XBL

    This code will be active for use starting 7/9/07 – 2/28/09. To activate your Xbox LIVE Gold 48-hour free trial follow the steps below. Go to step 4 if you already have an Xbox LIVE membership. 1. Connect Xbox 360™ to a broadband internet connection. 2. Press the Xbox® Guide button, and in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, select Xbox LIVE. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Xbox LIVE account. 4. Sign in to Xbox LIVE from Xbox 360 Dashboard. 5. Select Xbox LIVE Marketplace. 6. Select Redeem Prepaid Card or Promotional Code when prompted, enter your code, and enjoy! *Xbox Live 48-hour trial allows access to online multiplayer gaming, but not to other Gold membership features. Check Xbox 360 game package to see if your game supports multiplayer. Free 48-hour trial offer is only for use on Xbox 360 and only available for new Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in the United States. At the end of your 48-hour trial period, your subscription will default to the free Xbox Live Silver subscription, unless you elect to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Offer not combinable with other Xbox Live offers or rebates. Some Xbox Live services require additional hardware (e.g. headset, camera) and fees. Features may change without notice. Subject to Terms of Use (at www.xbox.com/en-US/Live/legal-tou.htm). Broadband internet service (sold separately), Windows Live ID account, and hard drive (sold separately), or memory unit (sold separately) required. Some broadband services may not work with Xbox Live and performance may vary. Offer must be redeemed by 2/28/2009. Go to www.xbox.com/live/trialcard48 and read about the 48-hour Live Gold membership trial.
  7. myg0t

    Unlimited 48 hour trials for XBL

    1) Go to this website: http://www.keepingittwisted.com/xbox_promo_landing.aspx 2) Sign Up on the webiste, you can type in any random user name and any random email. (Doesn't have to be a valid email.) 3) Click "Submit" 4) You should then see an area where it says to type in a access code. AA4XPN3 is an access code you can use. 5) Type in the Word Verification. Press enter. 6) The browser will take a few seconds to load, and when it loads, you should see a valid 48 hour trial. Just copy/paste it into notepad or whatever you use. 7) Click "Back" on your browser twice, so your back at the registration page, add one letter or number to your email, then keep repeating the steps. Now you have unlimited 48 hours. Credits: Alex
  8. myg0t

    How to get FREE Mcdonalds!

    Only problem with this is.... what if you get something you don't like :P
  9. myg0t

    How to get FREE Mcdonalds!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YQzlUUe0DQ :P
  10. myg0t

    "The PS3 Breeding RPG"

  11. im mc mc hammer! STOP....HAMMER TIME!!!
  12. myg0t

    Something New: Talk With Pics

    This should be in spam lol Oh look i killed it :D