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  1. dragoonerzerg


    Can you ride a snowboard on flat ground? Well you can but it would take some time to get used to without any hills around and you would have to resort to more snowboard freestyle/ flatland tricks and less downhill.
  2. dragoonerzerg


  3. dragoonerzerg


    I go on the forums and act like a toolbox on purpose. Then they go crazy in my delight. xD But sometimes, I just chill out there with fellow riders. The freebord forum has NO MODERATORS/ADMINS! its so badass
  4. dragoonerzerg


    I am officially hooked. GET ONE! snowboard the streets www.freebord.com
  5. dragoonerzerg

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    ^ Monkeyfuck
  6. dragoonerzerg

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    He is not trying to act cool because he is taking "drugs" or is he trying to pretend he is taking drugs. This video is made for laughter and its not supposed to be serious. Someone with the right IQ would realize that the shaking is due to the sugar contained in the skittles. Thus the video is just made for some bit of comedy. Really. Would anyone really try a feeble attempt to pretend they are taking drugs by eating skittles and think they are cool for it? The person that made that skittles video is someone who makes random comedy videos once in a while but he is mainly a youtube blogger, making rant videos, a couple video game vids (street fighter IV) and just bunch of random stuff. In the rants, he is not really pissed off but just having fun making rants and is really not THAT serious with the rant topics. And this person who made the skittle vid is me. All your points are all about "me pretending to act cool cuz I am taking drugs or pretending to do so" which is completely wrong. I don't give a flying fuck if you can make better video than that skittles video. Because sadly, I just don't care that much over a video that I made just for some laughter. Go sodomize yourself with a retractable baton for a week. Thank you for your invalid opinion and have a nice life. ^_^
  7. dragoonerzerg

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    Suscribe please. This skittles video was supposed to be me being stupid and "high on skittles". I usually make rant videos, freebord videos, Street Fighter IV vids, bunch of other random videos, and comedy (supposedly the skittles vid).
  8. dragoonerzerg

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    :bomb: skittles are teh bomb! they blow dick!
  9. dragoonerzerg

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

  10. dragoonerzerg

    Tekken 4 Tekken Force Stage 1

    if you are curious, the freebord forum members that has nothing better to do than to rate 1 star on videos that dont even deserve 1 star rating are the ones that rated my videos. now enjoy my tekken awesomeness lol
  11. dragoonerzerg

    Dear Freebord Forums

    lots of sites dont
  12. dragoonerzerg

    Dear Freebord Forums

    everyday stuff like youtube videos. i ask question regarding which freebord version should i purchase. stuff like that. ;o like what the fuck is that shit?
  13. dragoonerzerg

    Dear Freebord Forums

    now i understand that not ALL of them are douchebags or fuckballs. some are pretty nice and welcoming. THOSE I RESPECT! the rest are just a bunch of cockadookie sucking a footlong dick out of buffalo's ass. your 1 week lasted former freebord forum member, ~DragoonerZerg TO THE Ghoztcraft MEMBERS! http://www.freebord.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21076 one of the post on the 1st page openly states that Ghoztcraft is full of 10 year olds. according to that person's opinion anyways, now if u guys dont give a shit about that statement, thats fine but really there is just pure fagbags at freebord forums. low budget anyways... P.S. SCGuard is DETECTED! use with caution!
  14. dragoonerzerg

    A Tribute to Cussbus

    let me introduce u to the moron cussbus. long story short, i went into an argument with that idiot over youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZjAoA0LyNU go to that link, you will see a million pages of arguments. im dead serious. so well... i thought i might share this with you all if its alright. im sorry if this inappropriate but have any one of you ever had to go through some idiot or some youtube troll? or some bastard who just looks like moron and left you pointless insults first? here ya go. use this video as a tool against them...