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  1. C405129

    The <v> Game

    ^lies, i couldnt care less <- is addicted to caffine V is probably some asshole who is gonna crai about tape reviving old threads.
  2. C405129

    Releasing new Hack

    I have been looking for a file generator. where did you get that?
  3. C405129

    Me wants this

    That looks useful but for $53 i might get it later. oh i just noticed the TV Tuner! im getting that.
  4. C405129

    Über pwnage.

    This game looks great, downloading now.
  5. C405129

    Reputation System

    Great work ghozt and as my 1st act with the rep system: +rep
  6. C405129

    After Death What Happens?

    maybe this will help a bit;Livescience It may be possible to cloak small things.
  7. C405129

    Old inhale

    ok thanks
  8. C405129

    Old inhale

    anyone have the inhale with morph hack? i forgot the version number but i think it is 1.2.8
  9. nope didnt work. i might have another look at the registry later.
  10. the 1st game is installed. it used to work. the auto for the origonal game also shows it as "install" but it works if i run it from the .exe. and it is an old game. i havent seen it in game shops for ages. EDIT: i am starting to think it is a lost cause.
  11. Here is a screenshot of the error. I have looked on the games disc but there is no alternative installer.
  12. Red alert 2's expansion isnt installing. It says that red alert 2 isnt installed but it is. It used to work on this machine. But 2 months ago I uninstalled it and i have tried reinstalling RA2 about 4 times with no success. I am starting to think its a lost cause. The autorun wants me to install it again but RA2 works fine if i run it from it's default directory whitch is C:\Westwood\RA2 on its 2nd attempt. But i keep my games at C(or D):\Games\ if thats any help. Based on a working install at a friends house there is nothing of interest in the registry.
  13. C405129

    What are your computer specs?

    Intel P4 3.2GHz OC'd to 3.6GHz 2.5GB ram (2X1GB + 2X256MB) nVidia 8800 SLI 2 52-52-52x dvdrw drives A floppy drive A 250MB Zip Drive 2 300GB WD Raptor HDDs PC Power And Cooling 1000w Power Unit CRT Monitor running a desktop resolution of 2048*[email protected](highest its rated for)
  14. C405129


    Hi I just joined up yesterday. my b.net username is C405129 on useast. I cant say i will be active here but i will try. i have lurked here for about 2 weeks and i like this site. i have played SC:BW for about 7 years. my favourite type of maps are: RP,Play/Obs,Offense i have been using hacks for about 2 months. Again great site and i hope to be an active member. BTW i tried the ushack server, its pretty damn empty.