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    Welcome to the new Ghoztcraft!

    I mean its alright. But im a hipster so i like the original GC better. Like Omg please. JK I love it man. glad to finally see something new around here.
  2. Cripp

    Need a small loan

    A loan.... what type of money are you looking for? and this post is so brief.
  3. Cripp

    Ruler is here in Chicago!

    Pretty much what the title says. Ruler is here visiting from texas!
  4. Cripp

    I'm Really New To The Gaming Scene!

    Hows it going superova? Long time no talk. Hope things are well and glad you could stop by and say hello!
  5. Cripp


    Welcome to the fun house
  6. Cripp


    Well I downloaded it... I dont know what the fuck I am doing anymore? But i downloaded it.
  7. Cripp

    Where Plutomic has been.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions .Sorry to hear that the process is shitty once you get out of prison. I guess i have some follow up questions that I would like to know and you dont have to answer them if you dont want to. But have you ever considered or lied on an application about being a convicted felon? How did you obtain the skills (in your case) for all these construct tools and knowledge? did you learn these skills in prison through schooling or were you lucky to pick up small jobs and gain knowledge as you go? before prison did you go through other ways of deterrence such as probation or fines? Or was your only time being sentenced to jail? If you did go through other legal ways before ending up for prison did you find them useful? or was it until you ended up in prison that you finally realized that hey... I need to better myself? Sorry for all the questions. I am generally curious because I am actually going into a Criminal Justice background. I figured I would ask questions people ask me in class xD
  8. Zander what happened to you and your sister!?

  9. What ever happened to Zander and Catastrophe?

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    2. Cripp


      Zannnddderrr! How you doing man! What kind of business ? tell your sister i said hey


    3. Zander


      IT company. She does tech work, I do software dev. What about you, what're you up to?

    4. Cripp


      Finishing up school this year. I am currently working at a hospital doing food service. its nice talking to you

  10. What ever happened to Zander and Catastrophe?

  11. Cripp

    Where Plutomic has been.

    I actually have a few questions for you because I am generally interested. Since your release from prison, do you blame the system that is set in place for you having a hard time reintegrating into society? If this is the case what do you believe should be done to change the system to help better the reintegration of prisoners into society? Or do you find it more your fault as a person because you are just not motivated and find no other means of life? Also do you feel like you have learned from your experience from your time in jail or do you feel like there could have been other ways that you could have easily learned your lesson ?? Might as well turn this into a learning experience.
  12. Cripp

    First world cup team!

    Damn thats awesome to hear man. Good luck and I hope you win gold or first! If it is going to be on the TV or stream please update ill try my best to watch and support.
  13. Cripp

    Happy Holidays from Ghoztcraft!

    Merry Christmas all. I am doing well. I am going to be finishing up my bachelors in 2016 for criminal justice. Social life is doing alright. my family life right now seems to be a bit of a stressful time with my mother being very sick and all. But I keep chugging through and I keep doing what I need to do. I am glad everyone is doing well and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and be safe! Good to see some old faces around here. :D
  14. Cripp

    To whom it may concern

    I have been sitting here 15 minutes deciding what to write. As I was growing up I was always told the internet is a bad place and everyone is a scammer. Ghoztcraft was one of the first places I established as a home. As stated by suteki and the original post there is some skepticism on how valid the post is. That being said, I still sit here speechless and in shock. I was just asking about anny not to long ago and now she is gone from this world. Anny was a good friend and we had a lot of good memories. As time goes on you learn more and enjoy the person(s) you talk to or play with in a video game. Believe it or not they become part of your life and you consider them as a close friend. It is sad to see someones life be taken away at such young age. it is sad she had to end the pain by taking her own life. She is now free and no longer has to suffer. She was amazing at photoshop and I was always jealous of her artistic ability. I do feel appreciated and happy that she valued this place and valued the people here. I also appreciate this post for notifying us. Even though I continue writing this a simple post it will not do it justice as how much i cared for anny and hope she is resting peacefully. She will be missed and not forgotten by me. I am truly lost and speechless. Rest in Peace Anny.
  15. School Sucks. :(

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    2. Cripp


      its like a revolving door....


    3. Brownie Man

      Brownie Man

      well another term done

    4. Cripp


      Hell yea!!


  16. Annie let me date you

  17. Hey guys, I am writing this as a group message to all of you beautiful people. My Mom went through surgery a few weeks ago and it was for a biopsy which turned out to be cancerous. So at this moment,my mom is out of work and her insurance is not covering her for her out of work days meaning that she has no income what so ever. She has asked me for money already and I gave her what I could (from school loans). However, my mom is still in need of everyday basic living expenses that I do not have the ability to help with right now. So I want to dedicate a stream to my mother sometime around February 15th (dates and times aren’t for sure yet since I am going to class and working too). And all donation I get will be given to my mom for support and everyday living (Im calling it streaming for Mama Zoids haha). I will also be doing RP giveaways throughout the stream that were given to me as donations as well. So I’m asking you guys to help me and my mom by spreading the word around when it happens. I will let you guys know date and time when I know. But I am asking if you guys are willing to help this cause, I’m not asking you guys to donate or anything but it will be great if you guys could spread the word and send people my way. I would truly truly appreciate it and be extremely grateful. And I will be forever grateful to you guys and this will truly help my mother in time of need. Thanks guys, let me know if you have any questions and if you guys are willing to help. I love you guys! That Day I will be streaming at least 12 hours that day... Here is the stream link: http://www.twitch.tv/tmzoidss and if you cannot watch I understand but still want to donate the link for that is https://www.streamdonations.net/c/tmzoidss
  18. Cripp

    I need your guys help....

    A quick little bum and reminder that less than 24 hours I will be doing this event.
  19. Cripp

    I need your guys help....

    Add something stream related to the picture... I could give you an image of my mom. I dont know man :S
  20. Cripp

    I need your guys help....

    Sure that works.... . I just dont know the dimensions for it xD. What pictures would you need?
  21. Hello all! I will be hosting a 12+ hour stream on February 15th dedicated to Mamazoids(Cheryl). All donations from now and until the stream ends will go to helping her pay for recent medical bills/medication, groceries, and anything else she needs. If you would like to donate, either pm for the donation link or stop by my channel (insert channel link here), you can leave your name and a message or be anonymous. Feel free to stop by and say hello, spread the word.

  22. Cripp

    I need your guys help....

    Is there any dimensions that I need to know about for the banner? I can probably make something in the next day or two :)
  23. Cripp

    I need your guys help....

    I love you buddy! I actually have created a go fundme website if you are wanting to share that with all your friends instead... I only linked my stream donations one because I wanted to just keep the money all together. http://www.gofundme.com/6lmgug Is the link if you rather use GOFUND me link. BUT THANK YOU!! PS: I didnt want to set a limit on donations so I just picked a random number.