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  1. metsushoryuken

    Starcraft Is Ten Years Old

    happy birthday starcraft. Let's see if you make it to the teenage years :P.
  2. This site will do it all for you, plus you get to pick your parts :P. Very good prices as well. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com I'd recommend it fully.
  3. metsushoryuken

    Build an AM2 gaming rig for under $675

    Very nice. +rep for you.
  4. metsushoryuken

    Pidgin (multi Im)

    Yeah...very good multi-IM program, aside from the fact that the newest release likes to crash on me randomly...>___>. However though, that aside, it supports over 200 buddies (I have over 2 THOUSAND on it) over all clients, as well as multiple-logins for a single client, such as MSN, which is not normally possible (try running two MSN messengers, wont work). It supports AIM Bonjour Gadu-Gadu Google Talk Groupwise ICQ IRC MSN MySpaceIM QQ SILC SIMPLE Sametime XMPP Yahoo! Zephyr So yeah...I think it's pretty good. Been using it for a while. Pretty customizable too if you have the time. Comes with a nice amount of semi-decent plugins by default.
  5. metsushoryuken

    Proof I Am God

    ...If I only cared...Well...since you're "God", you do not exist to me, because I don't believe in God. No, I am not an athiest, I believe in whatever seems fitting at the time.
  6. metsushoryuken

    New! Gmail Custom Time...

    Oh yea.. this too. Now, after you get all excited, be sure to read the polices at... http://google.com/mail/help/customtime/policies.html ...yeah...that HELLA pissed me off...cause I saw it at 11:30 PM, 30 MINUTES BEFORE APRIL 1ST!!! I was like...well it's not april first....so it shouldnt be a joke...then I get to the policies...and I'm like "t-.-t you google". There goes my chance of turning in papers a week late "on time" with the excuse "oh, I guess your email was slow"...>___<
  7. metsushoryuken

    More Problems

    ive got the same problem as him...my acct name is "Poo"
  8. metsushoryuken

    My Introduction

    Hah, I will. Thanks for the info on the battle system. AND THANK YOU ALL FOR A WARM WELCOME! I plan on being here for a while...so get used to me while you can.
  9. metsushoryuken

    My Introduction

    thanks...oh btw...I can't find the attack link in players' profiles x(
  10. metsushoryuken

    Where'd You Hear About Us?

    I am coming from your closet...nah, I just have an attraction to awesome sites.
  11. metsushoryuken

    Hold your pee for a wii?

    Haha...yea...I heard that from my friend. Some people are f***ing stupid, if you know what I mean. Sure...I want a Wii...but not THAT bad. God...ppl these days.
  12. metsushoryuken

    My Introduction