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  1. Dull Freedom

    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    2.0 KD ratio on xbl
  2. Dull Freedom

    Shamwow guy in jail

    Good stuff :) , Always been a fan of collage humor check out http://www.jakeandamir.com/
  3. Dull Freedom

    So freaking cool.

  4. Dull Freedom

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    wow lol
  5. Dull Freedom

    New Desktop Thread

    My desktop Mine is in 1920x1200 resolution n im not sure how to scale it
  6. Dull Freedom


  7. Dull Freedom

    Doomsday In 2012?

    Building an ark atm if ne1 wants decent seats u might wanna reserve them now
  8. Dull Freedom

    New Computer

    that desktop is vry hot
  9. Dull Freedom


    welcome back :D
  10. Dull Freedom

    Sup all

    Welcome :P
  11. Dull Freedom

    Visual Basics

    ah kk i figured out my problem :P viper is a god, but yeah ghoztman add me also my aim screen name is TW1St3DViS1ON , mebe we can help each other learn this lol
  12. Dull Freedom

    Visual Basics

    Yeah for some reason it still wont compile this =.= Private Sub Form_Load ( ) Form1.show Print “Welcome to Visual Basic tutorial” End Sub Still the same error... im using windows 7 ultimate compliments of the bay ... And this is the tutorial i am using http://www.vbtutor.net/lesson2.html ill play around with it some more see if i can't figure it out
  13. Dull Freedom

    Visual Basics

    resetting my computer right now ill let ya know brb
  14. Dull Freedom

    Visual Basics

    Get ready for mass messages viper :P
  15. Dull Freedom

    Visual Basics

    Awesome downloading now, Thanks 4 the fast reply :P