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  1. The Eggroll Lord of Chaos


    I would like to see it too... Luckily, I'm home for spring break and the movie ticket prices are only 7 dollars, 4 on matinees... I guess I better call some friends up.
  2. The Eggroll Lord of Chaos

    thing on my leg

    that's pretty intense...so where are the pics or videos? and aren't warts cancer in the making? or only if they bleed or change color or shape... wait... well good luck anyway!
  3. The Eggroll Lord of Chaos

    Funny Video

    Wow, I just sat through it too. Hmm, my first post : ) It's funny because of the shock value and the similarities to FF...but then it gets repetitive, and you are held in suspense to when the next surprise will come. In any case, all the funny parts outweight the length of the movie. Btw, I don't know how to keep up with this site; there so many topics, so little time...