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  1. can u help me plz i have all program for making a starcrat hack help me how to create hack 1.16.1 plz no one helping me :(

  2. PromasserX


    File Name: proUndetected File Submitter: PromasserX File Submitted: 14 Sep 2008 File Category: 1.15.2 Author: No Information Aurhor URL: No Information Version: No Information Make hacks undetected by warden and what not >.> and shows dl status. proUndetected.dll v1.00 for Starcraft / Broodwar Created By ProMasser 9/14/2008 http://www.Ghoztcraft.net ============================================================ Version Info: v1.00: -Added dl status show all the time -Updated to patch v1.15.3 -First release =========================================================== The hack is auto just inject it after loggin on battle.net and all the hacks that are injected with it are undetected by blizzard and some anti-hacks! Click here to download this file
  3. PromasserX


    File Name: CrashHack File Submitter: PromasserX File Submitted: 05 Jan 2008 File Category: Outdated VIP Hacks Author: No Information Aurhor URL: No Information Version: No Information CrashHack for 1.15.1 by me Best CrashHack out for 1.15.1 and the only one. If you get this patch owell Crash Hack 1.15.1 Made by ProMasser Starcraft Broodwar Ghoztcraft.net Version v1.0.0 =============================== Hotkeys : DELETE - Invalid sprite crash hack To use : Click a carrier/reaver and don't look and let the scrab or interpecter get done building wait about 5 secs and everyone will crash just remeber don't look. Next update : Might have Nydus crash hack Larva Crash hack Credits: ProMasser - My hax. Publicgame - DropHaxing the hole game lol. Drakken - DLL template. Jiggie - getting me started ASM Evilsomeone - thx Havefun Jiggie , Viper, Obatron , ghostboy sigh... Click here to download this file
  4. PromasserX

    wiki_ MadMatt

    This is the discussion topic for the wiki article: MadMatt
  5. PromasserX

    How are things?

    I told you it's me.
  6. Dude.. your sig is seriously.. huge..

  7. PromasserX

    TO the mother fucker..

    Promasser has nothing to do with this -.- How many times must I repeat myself.
  8. PromasserX

    Dropbox anyone?

    Explain more what this is?
  9. PromasserX

    TO the mother fucker..

    No shit you said it. That was kinda obvious.
  10. PromasserX

    TO the mother fucker..

    Quoted just so you can't say you didn't say it.
  11. PromasserX

    TO the mother fucker..

    I'm personally surprised you gave him Admin at one point. And the idiot who made him a general, even though he's a brigadier, should be slapped upside the head. I don't think he deserves a rank such as that.
  12. PromasserX

    How are things?

    Changed in what way?
  13. PromasserX

    What do you think Ghoztcraft needs?

    Oh that thing. Didn't know it was still there D:
  14. PromasserX

    How are things?

    Shut up, stop spamming and desecrating Vipers name. See another person who doesn't know me enough to realize that it's me talking to him. -.-
  15. PromasserX

    TO the mother fucker..

    Stop being an asshat Xthar.