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  1. Drobber


    why does it rly matter if hes mod if he doesnt do anything anyways.doesnt rly matter.. of course at this point i think it would be better if he didnt get it back because he seems mad and might do something to mess with site
  2. File Name :: War of the Worlds 2.7 Author :: Unknown Category :: Maps Description :: The Starcraft map of the great movie. Excellent sound effects. May have a bugged part. Run away from the tripods and survive the extermination to win. View File
  3. Drobber

    Diablo 2 Security

    no, if you would have read my entire post, you would have known i was talking about what it looks for. STINGS=DETECTABLE STINGS DOES DAMN NEAR THE SAME THINGS AS BOTS. IT BYPASSES THE TRIGGERS REQUIRED FOR SEEING MAP, AS BOTS DO THE SAME THING FOR SPELLS. THEY BYPASS THE TRIGGERS REQUIRED TO CAST IT. that, right there is why it is detectable i no diablo 2 very well, do not think that i dont. and anyways the warden is not the same as d2 just because u no d2 doesnt mean u no warden and vice versa
  4. Drobber

    Diablo 2 Security

    Stings is not safe. It is detectable with, or without the plugin loaded. The d2 warden system checks for 2 things: 1. any .dll programs that are loaded and being executed with diablo 2 2. certain combinations of events (how it detects bots) the bots do things differently than humans for example, for spell. instead of using the equivalent of right click, it does it directly. (right click would trigger a certain combination of things which would cause the spell to cast, the bot would just skip this trigger and do it directly)
  5. Drobber

    My siggy

    ya. i didnt feel like spending a whole lot of time on it.( i rarely do with any 1 sig).
  6. Drobber

    Hmm. Has anyone noticed this?

    No, it was only installed\activated at the last patch.
  7. Drobber

    [1.14] Starspeak 1.0.4

    just delete the double posted one and the one where i said it was a double post...
  8. Drobber

    Making a MapHack

    You could if you knew how. that has ardy happened with hella hacks and progs. As a matter of a fact, any and all "cracked" progs are "dissected" lol
  9. Drobber

    My siggy

    Maybe Ill make a second one for the rest of t or something. Hm.. let me see what I can come up with
  10. Drobber

    My siggy

    it is behind, i just made him partially blended with it
  11. Drobber


    NVM i fixed it. mod close this topic
  12. Drobber

    Army System Reset

    man.. u had to reset didnt u right when i was getting good
  13. I start up photoshop it does all the loadin and crap. It's fine up until i click file>>>>anything File>>new -I cant even see the size fields -cant see name field -when i hit enter it closes itself and it says there a runtime error File>>>Open -nothing happens -do it again, ps closes and makes a DURNT DURNT sound(you no, the error sound) File>>anything else -ps closes and thats all No i dont have a virus, spyware, or adware no, nothing is wrong with my win32 files yes, my runtime is working no, i didnt edit anything abou tmy comp or ps help?
  14. Drobber

    My siggy

    no, thats orj. thats how orj comes out lol. all the orjs look the same. just darker or lighter.
  15. Drobber

    My siggy

    naw not rly