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  1. DUI_

    StarCraft II Drophack

    Working SC2 Drop Hack (post beta) now available on www.battlehacks.com for those interested in this.
  2. Like the new site? ^_^

  3. DUI_

    Iccup Maphack

    Not to bump an old thread, but if people are looking for a working ICCUP Maphack it can be found here : http://www.battlehacks.com/forums/news-and...up-maphack.html
  4. DUI_

    Drophack and C++ code

    Confirmed working.
  5. DUI_

    Purgehosting Review

    A thread about me ^..^
  6. DUI_


    microphone testing... 1, 2, 3.... microphone testing... 1, 2, 3.... OMG PIMP!!!
  7. DUI_

    I want candy!

    no me!
  8. DUI_

    Akward "shadow"

    that would be my cawk yes I am right behind you!
  9. DUI_

    Mafia Rpg

    So I was looking for a free game to play at work and school that I could play in free time. Its and RPG but a lot of fun. Does anyone play? About it : MafiaDeath is a free browser-based online crime game. As a Mobster, you work your way up to the top by fighting, dealing in weapons, mugging, either by yourself, or in a gang. Server 1 Server 2 Both links are referral links, if you use me as a referral I will send you the bonus I get to help you out. If you don't want to use the referral link, I wont be able to send you the bonus but the direct link is.... MafiaDeath.com Check it out.
  10. DUI_

    Internet People!

    Fucking great!
  11. DUI_

    Online has affect

    They dont have IDs in alaska... because alaska is next to canada... and we know how canada is
  12. DUI_


    You program just changes the priority associated with SC :/ You would be better off just making a tutorial.
  13. DUI_

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.1

    Now get the Ghozt hack working again and were set
  14. DUI_

    We're two years old!

    lmao at the geocities site! Good job ghozt you have come a long way!