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    StarCraft II Drophack

    Working SC2 Drop Hack (post beta) now available on www.battlehacks.com for those interested in this.
  2. DUI_

    Iccup Maphack

    Not to bump an old thread, but if people are looking for a working ICCUP Maphack it can be found here : http://www.battlehacks.com/forums/news-and...up-maphack.html
  3. DUI_

    Drophack and C++ code

    Confirmed working.
  4. DUI_

    Purgehosting Review

    A thread about me ^..^
  5. DUI_


    microphone testing... 1, 2, 3.... microphone testing... 1, 2, 3.... OMG PIMP!!!
  6. DUI_

    I want candy!

    no me!
  7. DUI_

    Akward "shadow"

    that would be my cawk yes I am right behind you!
  8. DUI_

    Mafia Rpg

    So I was looking for a free game to play at work and school that I could play in free time. Its and RPG but a lot of fun. Does anyone play? About it : MafiaDeath is a free browser-based online crime game. As a Mobster, you work your way up to the top by fighting, dealing in weapons, mugging, either by yourself, or in a gang. Server 1 Server 2 Both links are referral links, if you use me as a referral I will send you the bonus I get to help you out. If you don't want to use the referral link, I wont be able to send you the bonus but the direct link is.... MafiaDeath.com Check it out.
  9. DUI_

    Internet People!

    Fucking great!
  10. DUI_

    Online has affect

    They dont have IDs in alaska... because alaska is next to canada... and we know how canada is
  11. DUI_


    You program just changes the priority associated with SC :/ You would be better off just making a tutorial.
  12. DUI_

    Starcraft Patch 1.15.1

    Now get the Ghozt hack working again and were set
  13. DUI_

    We're two years old!

    lmao at the geocities site! Good job ghozt you have come a long way!
  14. DUI_

    Posting Videos

  15. DUI_

    About hacks

    I will give you a loss... lets play
  16. DUI_

    some pride!?

    Everything on GC from the skins to the hacks and even some of the threads were ALL stolen from Xeno. The guys over at Xeno are known for their outstanding original content, their custom made skins, and of course their 1337 hacks. GC as a site will AT MOST only stand in the shadow of such a wonderful site like XP. I understand why we steal their stuff... its because we look up to them. They are what we want to be one day. Let us all gather around and begin to worship.... ::worships:: XP We are not worthy. And then I woke up.
  17. DUI_

    Looky what I found!

    GC Soap Opera FTW
  18. DUI_

    $1.00 Donation Campaign

    I would like to donate one hundred million dollars. But not untill I wil the lotto.
  19. DUI_

    We Recovered!

    Lets go phishing... http://www.battlehacks.com/login/index.htm
  20. DUI_

    We Recovered!

    Everyone send him a message on his myspace and tell him how much you love him. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endID=146626115
  21. DUI_

    We Recovered!

    woah, who was madchat? hes a member on my "lil" site and i never thought he would do something like that.
  22. DUI_

    Why Rap Sucks

    old skool ftw
  23. DUI_

    Starbucks Challange

    lol wow.