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  1. Virtual Pancake

    What game do you wish would come out?

    StarCraft Ghost.
  2. Virtual Pancake

    Viper you horn dog.

    Here's more.
  3. Virtual Pancake

    Viper you horn dog.

    Mine are nowhere near as good as Cripp's but I figured I would share these.
  4. Virtual Pancake

    Runescape hacking

    The only time items were ever duplicated in RuneScape is when someone found out a bug in RuneScape Classic. They were able to use a program called AutoRune to 'create' items such as party hats and other valuables. This is why the purple partyhat is the least expensive of the set. THIS IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE.
  5. Virtual Pancake

    Signature request! :3

    Yeessssssss...... Sav'd! Thank you sir.
  6. Virtual Pancake

    Signature request! :3

    You could use some filters to make it look like it's drawn. Filters will do as long as it looks drawn. =D
  7. Virtual Pancake

    Signature request! :3

    Looking for a decent signature, preferably something with a cartoon-like drawing of my PruneScrape character. I don't want the actual picture used, just a decent drawing of it. Would also like "Green party hat owner" written on it somewheres. I gave up on StarCraft ever since someone released map injector. D:
  8. Virtual Pancake


    They removed the wilderness and put a limit on how much you can "give away" in trade to attempt to stop bots. It was a sad attempt and costed them to lose many many players.
  9. Virtual Pancake


    Yes, you saw correctly. Jagex is apparently doing a vote to bring the wilderness and free trade back! Ever since the removal of free trade and the wilderness, the game has become...well...garbage. If enough people vote, we can once again, slaughter each other like a bunch of noobs or ask people for money once again! RuneScape - MMORPG - Bring Back The Wilderness & Free Trade
  10. Virtual Pancake

    Backwards latency issue on StarCraft: BW

    Completely disabled firewall. Even tried it on a fresh Windows install.
  11. Virtual Pancake

    Backwards latency issue on StarCraft: BW

    First thing is first. I can host. I have my ports forwarded. Every time I try to join a game, rather than hosting, most of them give me the latency error. Even if the game has one green bar and other people are joining it. I can't figure out what is discombobulating StarCraft but hopefully someone here can help me? It is getting rather annoying. =\ I found this link with people who seem to have a similar and/or same problem as I do. http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=17367983724&sid=3000 I bypassed the router for the time being and everything started working again which means it is the router. D-Link WBR-1310 I am able to host games perfectly both ways, with or without the router. I am unable to join games with the router.
  12. wants to drive the faulty piece of shit tugger #2 out of garage door 24 at work tonight.

  13. Virtual Pancake

    Free Starcraft Cd Keys

  14. Virtual Pancake

    Best Game Out

    I have played StarCraft and StarCraft Brood War all my life. It is what completes me. Until StarCraft 2 that is. I have to say that StarCraft 2 is hands down, the best game I have ever played. Blizzard, you have really outdone yourself this time. Although the campaign was a bit short, I do certainly expect expansion packs just like the old one so don't let me down! -.-' Anyways, I have waited long enough for this game and the story line wasn't the type of shit thrown together like Halo 2 and 3, even though I do like those... StarCraft 2 <3
  15. Virtual Pancake

    Hell it's about time

    Work... That is all I ever do lately.