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    DID YOU KNOW??!!

    Lmfao i dont believe You. Damn im gunna have to go to the store and buy Sprite and Bananas and try it lol.
  2. LieZ5150


    Lol true. u guyz did shout alot lastnight. :P
  3. LieZ5150

    More Problems

    ...... lol this topic is alittle old. o.0
  4. LieZ5150

    Funny shit.

    Lol messed up but Hilarious Throwing firecrackers down peoples chimmeny :P
  5. LieZ5150

    Favorite Fast Food Resturaunt

    Well the best for breakfast is Macdonalds its bad but its good lol
  6. LieZ5150

    West Clan Channel

    im on west and east East: LieZ WesT: Regret-