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  1. ryder

    What You Are

    umm You are a Horny doughnut Who likes to Smack lesbians
  2. ryder

    13 Year Old Boy Kills Father

    And every time he opens a SUV's door and backs up
  3. ryder

    SIGGY Taokaka

    alot better then mine lol
  4. ryder

    SIGGY Taokaka

    i know its not great lol i have never worked with such odd colors and a weird render like that. it was worth a shot lol
  5. ryder

    SIGGY Taokaka

    Just something i put together not my best work but not bad
  6. ryder

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    so confused :P
  7. ryder

    holy crap!

    Thanks every one Ruler i need to msn name the one in your profile doesnt work :P
  8. ryder

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    Well this is quite fun :D
  9. ryder

    Ghoztcraft 5000 Post Contest

    Wait what? whats going on here!
  10. ryder

    New sig

    Well tell me what you think i was board and made this real fast not great but not bad IMO :D
  11. ryder

    Is your "LOL" Real?

    Basically the same here when im really laughing more then a chuckle it LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  12. ryder

    holy crap!

    No :D Boring! :D lol Lol viper ya cant wait for SC2
  13. ryder

    holy crap!

    Hey all long time no see how long has it been? half a year 9 months?? lol Jesus its been awhile. Well hello to every one i haven't met and good too see a lot of the people i did meet still here :D any way im back i guess lol this time i wont forget about GC like i did 9 months ago when i lost internet for 1 week lol Cant wait to get to know what i missed lol
  14. ryder

    Winter Desktop

    i havent seen a desktop topic in a while so pos t your winter desktop yes i am using XP
  15. ryder

    Sig edit error?

    every time i try to edit my sig i get this error on a blank white screen