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  1. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    thats the reason why i ask for a undetected maphack ^^ i dont want any features or something else just maphack with saveklicks
  2. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    but it disconeetcs me from iccuo after 1min (antihack server)
  3. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    ok new season new antihack, anyone has time to make me happy?
  4. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    http://iccup.com u can dl antihack there i have to go now sry =(
  5. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    dunno i dont tried it cause it has no maphack :) but thx for your answer.
  6. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    ok my question was stupid. i will ask again^^ Is there any maphack for Iccup, that works with the antihack?
  7. PatCalvin

    Iccup Maphack

    Is there any private Maphack for Iccup? If someone have one plz msg me i will pay for it.