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  1. Happy Birthday! Apparently, you're legal now!

  2. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    What.cd invites

    First of all that is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. You might as well buy the movies yourself. I guess going to Russia would be kinda fun. I hear they have good Vodka . . . Can't you buy Russian Vodka here?
  3. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    What.cd invites

    I actually didn't download that much when I got caught. I was downloading about 3 gigs worth of movies.
  4. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    What.cd invites

    Alrighty, I'll take the advice and stop my torrenting and I'll move onto other sources to get my pirate fix. Do you guys know if programs like Peer Block or Peer Gaurdian actually do a decent job at blocking out the anti-p2p people?
  5. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    What.cd invites

    The thing is I was caught torrenting because I torrented a bad file. They sent me a letter with the movie that I was caught downloading (Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix). If I use a private tracker would this happen?
  6. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    What.cd invites

    Recently my ISP has sent me a letter telling me to quit torrenting or face some legal trouble, but I love to torrent. I have started to use Peer Block to block the anti-p2p organizations but it doesn't seem enough to me. Does anyone have a what.cd invite? I have heard this is probably the greatest music torrent site known to man and I would love to try it out.
  7. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Dear bungie -- on Halo 3

    I agree with all of the aboce, except most of that can be solved by the host getting better internet and not living like 5000 miles away from you. The mappacks bungie has no control of the cost, because M$ is the one who prices all the shit. Bungie is a sucktastic that needs to go bankrupt. The Halo series is so overrated its not even funny. COD4>Halo 3.
  8. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Fuck Blizzard

    Mastricx, you know so much because you are a pro.
  9. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    New Desktop Thread

    pretty basic stuff
  10. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Any workin drophax?i got vip for 1:(

    Way to bump the thread dog.
  11. Senior Airman Vudoo.


    You were a mod?
  12. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Ghoztcraft to Revamp Staff

    Whatever your up to XGhozt, sounds good to me.
  13. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Did you know...?

    Did you also know June 6 was D-day.
  14. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    i need sig

    You can always be a pirate.
  15. Senior Airman Vudoo.

    Omfg, LAG

    I still don't think this thread should be here.