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  1. FlyingArmyMan!

    I know..

  2. FlyingArmyMan!

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    Lol QFT
  3. FlyingArmyMan!

    Crazy Skittle's Kid

    So this is what dragooner has been up to..
  4. FlyingArmyMan!

    So freaking cool.

    Did you do drugs?
  5. FlyingArmyMan!


    Drinking Irish cream coffee with a dash of cocaine.
  6. FlyingArmyMan!

    Anal Bleach

    Nah I don't need to prove an angsty atheist wrong to feel better about myself.
  7. FlyingArmyMan!

    Anal Bleach

    Just leave Zhuinden be. He's just another douchebag pseudo-intellectual.
  8. FlyingArmyMan!

    Hey :)

    I took a break from GC, but I am starting to post from time to time now.
  9. FlyingArmyMan!

    Hey :)

    I remember you, welcome back.
  10. FlyingArmyMan!

    Ghozt- PENIS?

    My thoughts exactly.
  11. FlyingArmyMan!

    Ghozt- PENIS?

    This sickens me.
  12. FlyingArmyMan!

    I have a pair of scissors!

    Do I seriously need to make a video just to prove my point... Yeah.
  13. FlyingArmyMan!

    I have a pair of scissors!

    Looks fake to me
  14. FlyingArmyMan!

    I have a pair of scissors!