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  1. marksteele

    Tcp And Udp Ports

    here a quick yet more dangerous (less secure) way of opening port. Heres an example. i have loads of internet games. i dont wanna port forward for each one so i create a DMZ. to do this open your modem/router(norm something like or search for create a DMZ or dematerialized zone enable it for your comp your good for port forwarding WARNING: THIS OPENS ALL YOUR PORTS MAKING YOUR COMPUTER MOVE VENERABLE TO MALICIOUS PROGRAMS!!
  2. marksteele

    Nintendo Updates Wii Fit Launch Plans

    who says gamers dont play sports??
  3. marksteele

    Uberforces Enemy Territory Contest

    UGH wish i had seen this earlier my clans ranked top 10 ;(
  4. marksteele

    Linux Anyone?

    ive tried Ubuntu and ive tried Xp (haven't tried Vista, don't wanna ether). my advice would depend on what u want to use the comp for. If its for work like documents and spreadsheets go with Ubuntu but if you want games then go with XP as most games are in-compatible with ubuntu
  5. marksteele

    Admin for school w/ extra info!

    very nice tuts theres only one thing i would ad..... 1. b4 doing any of this Google a remote access program (would post a link but not sure if its allowed) 2. try a program like logmein is has a free trial and is fairly ez to use 3. when no ones looking download and install the remote acess software onto your school computer 4. when you leave school make sure this computers on 5. go to a public library (so u don't get caught) 6. go to the web browser for the software (I.E i can go to log me in and connect to any computer on my account there w/o dling as long as the computer im connecting to has the software) 7. log onto an account 8. There you now have remote untraceable acess to the school comps Alternate Method (much simpler way to hack) Note: this only works if the admins have not put a pass on the hidden admin account. (which they prob havent if you can still get acess run) Note: this works for all windows operating systems Note: this will not get you into the network only into the specific computer (which makes it ezier to get into the network) 1. start up the computer 2.A WINDOWS XP 1.You will see a bar and the XP logo above it (startup screen) 2. when you see this screen quickly unplug the computer 3. plug computer back in 4. when the computer starts up you will get options 5. select start in safe mode with command prompt 6. let the computer startup 7. log in as administrator with the password blank/administrator/admin 8. you into the computer from there you can access password files. the C drive ect WIN 9* 1. B4 the log on screen reset the computer 2. Follow steps 4-8 in WIN XP 3. From here you can now modify any settings on the computer NOTE: THIS INFORMATION IS STRICTLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW THIS INFORMATION IS USED!!!
  6. marksteele

    If Ur A Real Capable Hacker

    he he...i did manage to get into my schools network a while back..... but theres not much i can tell you about hacking myspace. depending on the project i might be able to give yoy some advice so feel free to send me a P.M or you can try Google theres lots of good tuts out there. Its no good just getting someone to do it for you because unless you have money no-one will.
  7. marksteele

    Remote Shutdown Any Computer

    nice just did it with my brothers comp. Needed him to stop dling so i coud play SC. thanks!