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  1. Deejay

    Resolution Hack

    Lol... at first i didn't know what that was.. but now that i did reply it came out darker. and i see pedo bear. lol
  2. Deejay


    lol... wow. just looking at this i see what i didn't say that i said i got banned from the shout box.. OMFG i am beast
  3. Deejay

    My crappy method.

    alotta mumbo jumbo to me.. lol.
  4. Deejay

    Sig And Matching Avatar Request

    Bump// Seen it yet M?
  5. Deejay

    Spread the News!

    looks cool
  6. Deejay

    lmfao woooow

    (Challenge system) Tell me how the hell does paper come up 6 times when i choose rock? i bet 100 points each and it was paper each time.. rofl lol!!! i used my last points for paper........ and it came up as house having rock.. Ghozt! you're stealing my points!!
  7. Deejay

    sig i made for this game i play

    Very nice!
  8. Deejay

    Monitor Problems?

    =/ that sucks..
  9. Deejay

    My points?

    lol... i can't find this information..(or haven't applied myself to look hard enough) but can anyone tell me when i can change my own title?
  10. Deejay

    Post a picture of yourself

    Yeah,. MB
  11. well what happened was i made a nuke then an error message popped up. when i click OK starcraft closes.
  12. so i'm assuming Admins will be using stuff like Zerg Mineral Exploit "finder"? since you said Race Specific Hacks you should also put Range Hack for Rines and Ghost's on that list.
  13. lol.. it does crash me! i tried it out on Single Player,. then on Local Area Network,. on a map i made to test it.. and i used the one Promasser uploaded.. Still crashed
  14. Deejay

    My points?

    bad idea.. too much extra effort over nothing.. getting points is easy. BUT!!(ghozt this is directed to youuu) i was planning on buying "Title Changer" from the market.. Lol,. any chance i can just GET it? xD