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    Resolution Hack

    Lol... at first i didn't know what that was.. but now that i did reply it came out darker. and i see pedo bear. lol
  2. Deejay


    lol... wow. just looking at this i see what i didn't say that i said i got banned from the shout box.. OMFG i am beast
  3. Deejay

    My crappy method.

    alotta mumbo jumbo to me.. lol.
  4. Deejay

    Sig And Matching Avatar Request

    Bump// Seen it yet M?
  5. Deejay

    Spread the News!

    looks cool
  6. Deejay

    lmfao woooow

    (Challenge system) Tell me how the hell does paper come up 6 times when i choose rock? i bet 100 points each and it was paper each time.. rofl lol!!! i used my last points for paper........ and it came up as house having rock.. Ghozt! you're stealing my points!!
  7. Deejay

    sig i made for this game i play

    Very nice!
  8. Deejay

    Monitor Problems?

    =/ that sucks..
  9. Deejay

    My points?

    lol... i can't find this information..(or haven't applied myself to look hard enough) but can anyone tell me when i can change my own title?
  10. Deejay

    My points?

    not really a big deal... but,. what happened to my points? i had like 500+ and now i have 9... army system?? cuhz i don't understand what the army system is and how i "join"
  11. Deejay

    Post a picture of yourself

    Yeah,. MB
  12. well what happened was i made a nuke then an error message popped up. when i click OK starcraft closes.
  13. so i'm assuming Admins will be using stuff like Zerg Mineral Exploit "finder"? since you said Race Specific Hacks you should also put Range Hack for Rines and Ghost's on that list.
  14. lol.. it does crash me! i tried it out on Single Player,. then on Local Area Network,. on a map i made to test it.. and i used the one Promasser uploaded.. Still crashed
  15. Deejay

    My points?

    bad idea.. too much extra effort over nothing.. getting points is easy. BUT!!(ghozt this is directed to youuu) i was planning on buying "Title Changer" from the market.. Lol,. any chance i can just GET it? xD
  16. Deejay

    Dropship Hack

    downside of this hack is that if you were to load one with, say....., 100 marines? and that thing gets shotdown,. thats a crap load wasted.. i say use it with maphack!! pwnage. xD
  17. Deejay

    Post a picture of yourself

  18. nah.. the nuke anywhere exploit we have crashes SC
  19. Deejay

    Requesting Gunbound Aimbot

    sorry to bump,. a bit old.. but i'm a GB fan.. you going to add the section and add hacks to it anytime soon Ghozt?
  20. Deejay

    My points?

    How do i play the Army system?? i never understood how i get started....
  21. Deejay

    Dropship Hack

    @ Vailence Yeah,. it's gonna end up in VIP you should donate now so you don't have to wait. =P =DD hehe,. for real though.. i don't know where it's gonna end up.
  22. Deejay

    Unmuted / Unvoided Cd Keys !

    lol.. try PM'ing Magic Bitch,. she said she has 50k and is willing to hand one out to those who pm her about it.. and try asking the Topic Starter.. please read previous posts before just writing something.. _______________________________________________
  23. Deejay

    Happy Independence Day!

    Hello everyone! The staff and administration at Ghoztcraft.net would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July! Blow up everything except yourself and everyone around you! Watch the rocket's red glare at an outdoor feast with family & friends. Stock up on plenty of cold drinks and light the fuse of the biggest birthday bash in the nation, don't forget to watch TV and check out the fireworks you wish you could see. Happy 4th of July everyone, Ghoztcraft Staff & Administration. =DD I live in Florida so i'll be playing with mortars!! Hehe,. Have a nice day everyone! BBQ's,. friends,. fireworks live or on tv,. Just have fun!! (took me forever to find a place to put this) ~DeeJay[/hr]
  24. Deejay

    [1.13f] Annihilation X2 Xtreme - Private

    Lol.., if you join VIP membership you get some really useful downloads too.. try considering donating to Ghoztcraft.net
  25. Deejay


    So... Azu and Gaara Banned?